29 March 2017

quick recap of the things

- The $50 taxi, the dancing, the church, the tile mural of natives draw and quartering a priest on the church, the pharmacies, the skeletor souvenirs, the bad lunch, the good popcicles, the puppet show.

- The boat, the drinks, the wind, the scenery, the big giant humpback whales breeching and flipping and tail wagging, chasing the whales and feeling bad about that, the so-so lunch, finding out the couple from Twin Falls is really from Cache Valley, buying sunscreen at the marina, the hot stuffy bus.

26 March 2017

we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow

 Cabo is a funny place--all desert except for the resorts which are tropical paradise. It makes for very consistent weather and no humidity, so I'm in. Actually, I was in because it was a work trip for Nate and I had a long list of nothing to do.
 I sat in the shade of a palm tree for a while, listening to a podcast about Princess Charlotte who would have been Queen Victoria, only Charlotte. Wouldn't you like to live in a Charlottian era home? It doesn't have the same ring to it, but it could have been.

Then a giant iguana came up on the wall by my feet and while he was very entertaining I didn't want to give him the idea that I was too friendly so I wandered down to the beach.
 I read this quote by Amy Krouse Rosenthal the week before we went: As kids, our stock answer to most every question (“What did you do at school today?” “What’s new?”) was, “Nothing.” In our country’s history there have been exactly seven kids who responded with a statement other than “nothing,” and three of those were named Hanson. Then, somewhere on the way to adulthood, we each took a 180-degree turn. We cashed in our “nothing” for “busy.”

Of course my personal stock answer is never "busy" and I don't take pride in busy, but I sure did take pride in "nothing" on this trip. We sat and watched the waves, then we played in the cold water, then I floated easily on the saltwater, then we'd go up to the pool and bob around, then we'd sit in the hot tub, then we'd eat a gigantic dinner. Repeat 3x, with giant breakfasts and lunches too. In fact, the third morning, I didn't even feel like eating breakfast. WHAT. Stop the presses. (Or start the presses?) Anyway there was a lot of eating very expensive food and sitting and bobbing around. 

Of course Nate did have to attend some meetings, learn some stuff and vote on some things (like where to have the next meeting), and I did a couple things too, like take lots of pictures of Nate's back. The "doing stuff" post will be next, because no one ever said I had to recap our trip in one post.

16 March 2017

sunny days

 Spring has arrived rather early this year, and yet not a moment too soon. It was the dooziest winter and no one is sad to see it go. Even though March can usually go back and forth between winter and spring a lot it is really more forth than back this year.
On Saturday Nate and I are fleeing the country for a few days and probably because of that, this week is trying to kill me with pinpricks. Long working hours, caring for a burned baby hand, three-year-old-training*, PINK EYE, for heavens sake, running headaches, and regular plus vacation prep housework are all just being as pesterly as possible. Well I'll show all them, when I get on a plane and wave goodbye.

*Three year old training is the thing where three year olds are sort of the worst because they are testing and retesting every boundary every day. This specific 3 year old is not a quitter. As we learned with her "sleep training" months (years), she doesn't give in easily and three-year-old training is proving to be similar, only related to eating, getting dressed, and extreme reactions to small irritants. But I swear WE WILL succeed.

12 March 2017

the babiest hands

Wednesday afternoon I was folding laundry, watching Poirot, and the gas fireplace was on. The girls were just messing around until all of a sudden, Maggie was touching the fireplace glass and not letting go. She screamed and was in pain, but she held on because I don't know why! It seemed like it took me about four hours to reach her from my seat six feet away, and by that time there were some pretty serious burns. 

I sort of panicked. I'm not good in dire situations. Luckily I panicked for only the length of time it took me to carry her upstairs and call Nate and the hospital. Then we got all our shoes on and made it to the ER within a half hour of the incident with little to no evidence of my panicking.

I wrapped a wet washcloth around her hand and as I held it there, I could feel the heat in her hand.
 We had to take her down to the U of U burn center the next day where were got our instructions on wrapping and maintenance. It's, like, a serious injury, but not, like TOO serious. She'll heal, she doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain (Loritab and Ibuprofin), and it's all ok, but it still looks disgusting.

 And now she acts pretty much normal, except she's not eating as much as she should and she has seriously revolted about taking her pain meds, which is a terrible idea, but she won't listen to Nate and me about it.
Nate and I are also fleeing the country next weekend for a few days, and I'm not happy about the timing of it, but I think it will be ok. And I'm never turning the fireplace on again. 

08 March 2017

another post titled "typical"

WHOOOOO is surprised that I want to sell our house, buy a 105-year-old, restore it, and move to it?
Anyone? Bueller?

Where does the blame lie?
1. Old Man Winter? (probably)
2. Nate's realtor friend who is absurdly optimistic about the selling price potential? (probably)
3. The roof? (probably)
4. The kitchen? (probably)

I have realized we are just the type of people who after a big messy party would move instead of clean it up. You know the ones.

06 March 2017

found items

Items found on our front porch Sunday morning:

2 dirty socks
1 broken wooden sword
6 neatly-wound up strands of outdoor Christmas lights
a smiley, chubby, time-travelling tot with tuberculosis, perhaps

Please inquire within for details.

05 March 2017


We've been spoiled as to Jazz games. 

If we are further than 5 rows from the court, we scoff.

If our ticket prices are less than 3 digits, we scorn.

If the family in front of us isn't orange we pity them.
Ok, just kidding. The family in front of us WAS orange, but Nate couldn't understand why. I told him tanning, but I could tell he was still confused. Problemes du riche I say.

Nate gets tickets for free from schmoozers, usually insurance-related, and we really have been spoiled. This is his third game so far this year, and that's after having turned down a few tickets.

We used the old Crown Burger parking strategy, which doubles as a good burger dinner. 
At the game, the fella behind me spilled his beer which went all down my coat and pooled around my purse; it was my first time every coming home smelling like alcohol (and hopefully my last--it was awful). He really didn't mean to and when he was trying to clean it up I looked him in the eyes and he looked so sad and sort of scared, I just couldn't make it a big deal. Made me glad I never gave in and bought an expensive leather purse like I wanted to.

01 March 2017

no money but plenty of large hair bows

I've read through Hannah's journal again--I thought I hadn't finished it but as I re-read I realized I mostly have. She mostly writes about where her kids are living and who has had babies (and lost babies), the price of spuds in Shelley where they lived, and which of their houses they're moving around to or renting out. Melvin moved around a lot, Raymond lived and taught school down in Richmond, Utah, (just north of me) and Bernice was still at home, going to school. She and Eva both taught school for a few years and one of them (I can't remember which) got the pregnancy/marriage timeline backwards, which Hannah barely mentioned but was rather bummed out by. Ostlin lived "out to Roberts" for a while, and all the boys had to end up getting jobs (in addition to playing music for local dances) since farming wouldn't pay.

While she was still finishing up raising these nine kidlets, she had Ada, Connie and Leona (Ostlin's girls) living with her. So as she had high schoolers, she took on toddlers again. When they were eventually all gone, she said it was a little quiet around the house, but was surprised to enjoy that. She says many times in different ways, "We have plenty to eat and wear but no money."  They look wonderful for having no money, I'd say. I think Eva is the girl in the middle: I want to make my girls look like her! That wonderful hairbow.

28 February 2017

characteristically norah

Looking adorable
Hair in two braids
Tights on
Crackers and cheese
Bangs need a trim
Hates her blue dress

22 February 2017

we're back in business, you're such a big mess, and i love you

 Migglesworth is TEN MONTHS old!
What a delight.
Here are some Magnolia facts:
1. She crosses her feet in her high chair ~ presh
2. She loves to wave in her funny backwards way. 
3. She claps instead of signing more.
4. She loves to pull up to standing and sometimes lets go and just stands there.
5. She likes to have nonsense conversations. Her: Doh da da da! Me: Doo doo ba! Her: nnnnDuh! Me: Boo! Her: big giggles
6. She is back to sleeping like an angel a well trained baby.
7. She stopped breastfeeding in January. Formula is expensive. But I think it contributes to #6.
8. She actually plays with baby toys. Neither of my other two children did that. She likes to put stuff into her mouth.
9. She highly overreacts to getting her face wiped, just like her darling older brother did (does).
10. She hasn't any teeth yet.

21 February 2017

it's been a weird winter

First there were too many days that began with a negative sign,
Then it snowed millions of buckets,
Then it rained like Britain,
Then someone and his friend used a golf club inappropriately:
 And thereby got grounded for the first time.
Someone else used a golf club semi-appropriately, in a t-shirt, because it was 50 degrees.
 We hiked with a gaggle of kiddos on a treacherous path strewn with dead deer,
And I switched to calling Magnolia Miggy instead of Maggie most of the time.

16 February 2017

playing some b-ball outside of the school

This is the first week this year that Calvin hasn't had a basketball game to go to on Saturday. I really liked the games. I liked watching Calvin play and run around. He scored two baskets during his last game. He really liked it too. He would play hard defense sometimes, and sometimes look around like nothing too pressing was going on. He would do the tipoff because he was the tallest. Now what an accomplishment is that? He brought Gossner milks last time because it was our turn for drinks. Now, I don't want to be a crazy shuttle mom, taking kids to and fro from sports all my life, but dang it it is fun to watch them play sports.

14 February 2017

valentime 2017

 We didn't get a chance to get groceries today because of two girls napping. We had scrambled eggs and smoothies instead of actual food and we all enjoyed it. Nate came in just in the nick of time, but too late for photos.  

Calvin made hearts out of cardstock for his class valentines, writing "From Calvin" and sticking lollypops on them to hand out to his classmates, and when he got home from school I was glad to see that he was not the only home-made valentiner in class. There were lots of fun ones, and he ate about sixty pieces of candy before dinner. Maybe that's why he was happy with just a few bites of eggs. I, on the other hand, am still hungry (I ate one piece of his candy, but I also just ran 5 miles on the treadmill), so I'll go eat a pink-frosted sugar cookie now.

13 February 2017


This old track and one little boy hid in an upstairs bedroom and enjoyed vintage amusement for a couple of hours during the Super Bowl. He found out which cars worked best and vroomed them all about.

09 February 2017

hiking and not hiking

 We did some hiking things and some non-hiking things on our trip, but mostly the planned events were hiking. Because I was in charge. On the temple quarry hike, above, I wondered how babies nap on vacations where there is no hiking. I have no clue.

One big event for Calvin was going to the Black Bear Diner. Nevermind that it has expanded to a couple locations on the way to St. George; to Calvin going to St. George means going to the BBD. Note to us, for like the 5th time: We adults only need to get one meal and split it for heavens sake.

 And the hotel pool. We swam twice in two days, so I'd say it was worth choosing the Comfort Inn over a pioneer-era stone home that was my second choice (but no indoor pool). 

The other activity I found was a museum: Brigham Young's winter house. No need to mention that I wish I had a winter house down south, but it would hardly have been a vacation back when he lived there. Although that couch would do just as nicely in either era, I do say.