23 June 2017

do you see what i see

 The kids' room sorta looks cool, even with the hardly decorating--but the girl pilot photo Nate got Norah is really awesome, and that Jesus and children picture makes any room feel like home.

And sort of speaking of home, last week I came across a personal history of Grandpa Hanson's parents. Grandpa Hanson was my grandma Ada's grandpa, and his wife Hannah is to blame/thank for all of my time in Family History. I know a lot about her family, but for some reason it escaped my attention that he grew up here in Cache Valley, after having been born on the plains on the way here with his Swedish parents. They lived in Hyrum, on the south side of the valley, so we trekked out there earlier this week to give them the pinecones they are due from Memorial Day. The wife, Karna, sounds like a really awesome lady. She was a stand-in nurse and fed neighbors and lost a few children but had a lot of faith. The husband sounds like a negative nelly to tell you the truth, and he apparently was never happy anywhere. So it just goes to show. Those posters in the Jr. High hallway were right: attitude makes altitude...or whatever. Have a good attitude, ok?

21 June 2017

the longest day of the year

And to celebrate, we went to the splash pad at dinnertime and are staying up late (past 8!) to watch Harry Potter. 

After the kids go to bed I will probably watch an episode of MIDSOMER Murders by myself as I cut out a new "pink square" dress for Norah. (Because Midsummer.) Nate will sadly miss it because he's backpacking up in the Wind River Valley with his dad's scouts this week and is experiencing a much more summery solstice.

20 June 2017

summer skills

So far Calvin and Norah have learned swimming skills, playing outside all afternoon skills, dealing with sudden summer windstorm skills, audial chickadee identification skills, maple and blue spruce identification skills, as well as climbing up mud and dirt pile skills and perhaps even a few others. 

Little Miggles has learned a few skills of her own, most notably, toddling! Less groundbreaking but still good skills are splash pad playing and saying, "UH-OH!" 

14 June 2017

the one day a year everyone else is as into cemeteries as i am

 My kids think it's 100% normal to spend the day looking at headstones anyway. On Memorial Day we get to put pinecones on them, which makes it extra fun.
 The grown Peterson children think it's 100% normal to dress 90% alike.
 Just perching for a moment.
O Pioneer!

13 June 2017

oh how things have changed

We have been pinballing around the north end of the valley (without internet! it's been like a wilderness) for the past month, but now we are settled and wi-fi-ed for the time being. We're at "The Townhomes," as everyone calls them (because they are townhomes, or as comes more naturally, town houses). The Townhomes are just around the corner from Charlotte, the house we're building on the north end of Smittytown. Our Dirt at Charlotte will become Our Hole in about 3 weeks, and then I guess we'll start acting like committed adults who have made a decision to build a house instead of continuing to troll the online housing listings in town for the perfect new home.

Meanwhile it's been summer! Nate had a birthday, we hiked the wind caves, and swimming lessons!

30 May 2017


One local kickballer has recently taken up teaching exercise classes to the residents of Peterson Hall. He is a very encouraging teacher, offering moves to both stimulate athleticism and amuse people old and young. This young teacher has recently begun taking exercise classes from a schoolmate named Finn during recess, reportedly called "Finn's exercise class." Finn's influence seems to have sparked interest in our little man, and for that we are all grateful. 

Classes are held outdoors, are available to all ages and abilities, and run twice a day. If you miss a class you may not make it up. Students are allowed to attend one class a day to allow others the chance to "enjoin." 

22 May 2017

a peterson group

The number of Petersons in this house is inordinately high at the moment. I mean there are a lot of us here, but luckily there is room here for us all. One Peterson is also currently in Romania. 

Our days here are a lot like our days are anywhere: wake up, breakfast, clean up, morning work, outside time, show, lunch, Calvin to school, clean up, errand, rest time, snack, Calvin home, clean up, dinner, outside, clean up, bed. I mean, really add clean up right in between each one of those things probably. 

19 May 2017


Our Almond Tree House is no longer ours. We have the check in hand. We have said goodbye. We have mopped up the floor in the fruit room for the last time. We have repaired weird dumb things that suddenly break on your way out the door, like the left-hand side cupboard door under the sink, for example, which snapped right off for no good reason, leaving the hinges connected to the cabinet base on my last night cleaning--for the last time. We have spent the week at the Petersons', waiting for our condo to become available. Our last few days at "home" were such a weird limbo time of doing nothing and everything. Including one last color on the chalkboard and making silly faces into the camera.

15 May 2017

it was a beautiful afternoon

Our last Sunday afternoon in the Almond Tree House
and no one was even there to see it.

10 May 2017

our dirt

I like those pretty purple flowers and I feel a little bad for them because of the shame culture surrounding them as weeds. Poor pretty weeds.

09 May 2017


The past couple of weeks have been weeks of extremes. 

Extremely good:
Park days
Perfect weather
Cute kids
Jazz playoff game
Got a record player
Good long runs 

Extremely fast:
We sold our house in 3 days
Found a rental

Extremely confusing:
Trying to figure out where to really move and when
How heavily scented the air is this year (all of the flowers are extra smelly)
Babies who are never satisfied and possibly teething but who really knows

25 April 2017

by calvin

While my phone is locked one is still able to use the camera function, LUCKILY FOR CALVIN. (Who takes about 4,000 pictures at a time, without asking, against my wishes.)
A few days ago, I started unlocking my phone while sitting next to the sly little photographer, and got 3 out of 4 digits into his sight before I realized what I had done. I quickly whisked my phone away to press digit #4, and he luckily hasn't tried to guess it (he could). 
But on the other hand, what is the point, when he can still take 4,000 pictures with the screen locked anyhow?

23 April 2017

the great outdoors vs half day kindergarten

Always having to be home by 11:20 from outings makes our springtime hiking options slightly scarcer. But we do it, and I am excited for both a) summer and b) full day school so it no longer messes with our plans.  

This hike was the Bonneville Shoreline trail which we skipped onto at Green Canyon. One of its most magnificent attributes are the multitude of power lines running over it. It is really an astounding number of them. We have recently heard about a trail that goes from Hyde Park to Green Canyon so you can bet we'll be searching that out soon, but possibly not next week, as my weather app has snowflake pictures appearing Monday through Thursday (speaking of messing with my springtime outdoors plans).

20 April 2017


ONE tooth
ONE year
ONE phrase she says is "Hi, dad!" Or just Hi. Or just Dad. 
ONE huge piece of chocolate cake
 Norah picked out ONE water bottle for her and we gave her ONE leftover present from Nate's coworker Janet from when she burned her hand. She also got ONE (x10) dollars from Grammy, who never forgets a birthday card. She is ONE sweet Gram. ONE grandma and ONE aunt spoiled her as usual, and they all came over and ate ONE pizza that I may or may not have dropped in the gutter today.

We love that big baby girl as much as she loves cake.

19 April 2017

everyone thinks we're bipolar or crazy or something

 We spent the last month convincing people who had seen our house listed for sale by owner on KSL that we aren't actually moving. And then we changed our minds and got an official realtor sign up in a day. And then we had three showings that day, two on Monday, two today, plus an offer on the table. 

They were not kidding when they said the market is moving fast.
We're not 100% sure of where we'll go yet, but probably somewhere with a roof.