23 August 2016

like a cat and dog

 Once they were laughing
A little later they were crying
They played in the backyard so long I had to check out the windows to make sure they were still there
But then they hugged and ended up hitting moments later.
They were both in time out for a while, and were threatened several other times to be sent there.
 I have a hard time knowing where to draw the line in letting them work things out themselves. I'd like to let them, but I think my tolerance for screeches and whines is lower than the threshold for working it out, you know? How much is enough?
Kids these days.

But I tell you, they DO appreciate some carefully picked bubblegum-pink converse all-stars. Like hugging inanimate objects appreciation. 

22 August 2016

we face west

 The August golden hour is an actual event here. It is rose gold a lot of the time and makes everything look a little bit lovely. We like to take a circumlocution around the property at this time of day. It would really be clever if I used that time to tidy up the unmanageable patio but I don't. I either just meander around or I sit and look around at the glowing things.

Everything looks good except our lawn, of course. It's cool how you can see our property line by looking at where the dead grass ends. #winning

17 August 2016

mo-ommm! i know!

She says that to me every day, multiple times. Like, duh, mom; you are soooo lame.

Today she faceplanted running down the ramp outside the hospital after Maggie's checkup. A couple hours later, at home, she said, "Mom? Mom? Do you ever fall down?" I said, yeah, I fall down. She said, "I fall down sometimes too." Yeah, kiddo.

That rainbow outfit is typical of her choices. I want to try to make her dress like a 1960s child but every morning I end up letting her pick her own outfits. (By the way this video of 1960s kids clothes is ridiculous and I in no way think you will watch 10 minutes of it, but it is completely accurate as to what I'm going for. As opposed to what she's going for...) There is this one blouse I made her, a shortened version of a dress she wears to church (and likes), and I love it and sometimes contrive to have it be her only option. Monday when that happened she said, "I'll just not wear a shirt." She also flat out refuses to wear the knee socks. She is on board with the leather Mary Jane's, however, and thinks they're "fancy." So there's that at least. I still manage the pigtails nearly every day, though, and braids when I'm lucky. (Mom, are there any other fashions of your childhood I could incorporate that you think she'd go for?)

13 August 2016

spread your wings little one

 Calvin is about to start kindergarten and become a school kid. We are all so excited and only a little bit scared.
"Mom, when it was four weeks before you started kindergarten, were you a little bit scared that you wouldn't have any friends?" he asked.
I for sure wasn't, not being a worrier like he is. But I told him I was. Was that wrong?
 He has grown so much this summer. Like seriously, he is four feet tall. He sat on my lap to go down a waterslide last week and I couldn't even see over his head.

This week he sent me this letter. That is our address, by the way (and my initials!). He went outside and looked at our house number to make sure I got it. And I did! But that's because he just handed it to me. The inside had an index card inside that said, "Calvin and Nora" (which he didn't ask to help spell) and a heart. 
Kindy is lucky to have him. I just hope he will be able to 1. Stop talking long enough to do kindergarten stuff and 2. Not tell his teacher what to do all the time and 3. Find some sweet little friends. I am not really worried about any of the above, though. He will be awesome.

12 August 2016

olympic -or- if the internet's not here for airing complaints, what's it here for?

When I place Magnolia on the floor she has begun the backwards scoot - getting momentum from rocking and putting her little heels down, pushing off, and skipping backward one inch at a time. She's an athletic prodigy, in other words, and I keep trying to show her her fellow athletes at the Olympics, but as everyone knows, you can only watch the Olympics if you have cable which is insane. There is an antenna on our roof but we can't figure it out, so we just scoot around the floor restlessly, feeling left out and depressed. Thanks for nothing, NBC.

07 August 2016

our threenager

 She's, like totally, three.


Our Norah Strongbaby asked for a strawberry cake, so I made her one. She asked for a water bottle because hers smells bad, so we got her one...and then ran to the sporting goods store to get another one when I looked at the tracking information for it and it said it wasn't supposed to arrive for another week. Ahem, but then we checked the mail and it had arrived. And she hugged it when she opened it. Anyway.

We bought a mini-pool so we could re-enact her arrival day three years ago (me sitting in a chair in the backyard, watching Calvin play in the little pool).  

Norah is like no one else. I understand her least of all three of my children because she has a mind of her own. I like that about her, except when her will differs from ours as her parents. She is also the most like Veruca Salt, like she wants what she want and she wants it now. But she is also the complete opposite of Veruca, because she says "Thanks, mom," for lots of little mom-tasks I perform for her expecting the be unthanked. She thanks me for dinner, for filling up her water bottle, for making a strawberry cake, for washing her undies and keeping her hair from getting snarls, always saying, "That's nice of you," or "You're a nice girl." 

04 August 2016

i think i'm gonna like it here (sung in annie voice)

 I have had the gall this past year to claim not to like living in this little hamlet we live in. The lack of proximity to Mack Park and Smithfield Canyon was the biggest problem for sure, but I kept saying it was because there was nowhere to walk. But I was wrong, fellow man. I admit it with my hat in my hands. There are not a lot of good running route options, but walking? We do fine. We see beautiful skies, poplars, sycamore, maples of all sorts, hydrangeas, peonies; baby lambs and ducklings and horses all the time. My kids know what alfalfa fields and dairy cows smell like. I think that's enough criteria for a good place to walk after all.
 Excuse me, baby lambs, I didn't know what I was saying. I've changed my tune.

03 August 2016

in passing

In a world where Instagram has become Snapchat and five years ago that sentence would have been utter nonsense, I like it when I see things like teenagers rolling past my kitchen windows on skateboards being pulled by their dogs on leashes. Those kids weren't stuck behind a screen wondering what summer was for.

26 July 2016

a small miracle

There was a day last week where the children sat at the table together, ate what I served them, and did not fight. 

20 July 2016

when clothes aren't helping

One of them can't keep their shirt dry on account of spit up, drool and milk. One of them is having a rather bad potty-training day. And one of them is suffering from lack of attention and boredom.

19 July 2016

and she's back

For a few days over the weekend Magpie was all---tsz tsz tsz!
And wouldn't sleep.
And wouldn't eat enough, and wouldn't eat when I wanted her to quiet down, like when Nate and I tried to date. 
I sort of had a meltdown during which I was mean to everyone, mostly Nate. We are all glad she is back to her easily snoozy self and I don't have to act like a stressed out frazzled mom.
 And unrelatedly, our room looks decorated now! I moved the big mirror to our room but it didn't seem quite right, so I  moved my dresser into my closet and we hung two of gramps' photos above our bed (and then scooted them an inch closer together the next day...perfect!). Now our room looks nice and cozy. And rather monochromatic...blue, no surprise.

14 July 2016

got to do something with all that excess counter space


I am sorry to report there will likely be no August counter picture because her wiggling and wobbling is increasing daily, quickly drawing this wonderful phase to a close.

10 July 2016

Maggie Row

Magnolia Tree
and now, thanks to dad's impromptu addition,
Maggie Row.

07 July 2016

what a blessing

 The reward of staying for the whole meeting was that you got to be in this picture. So my dad, Evelyn and the Brian Clarks lost their chance on that one; sorry guys. I bet they regret their choice now.
 My mom watched Norah flit from gentleman to gentleman in the row in front of us. I was too busy not watching any kids to notice but I can't say I'm surprised.
 Magnolia got the surprise of her little life when her dad did the thing everyone says they're going to do; changing her name at her blessing. Of course, we already have a birth certificate and a social security card without the update, but I was highly in favor of it and slightly amused. Magnolia Maren Rowan Peterson! We really really had a hard time picking just one name.
In which someone looks handsome and someone looks bored. Or hungry. 

My parents and Andy and Jack stayed for days. It was like, two and a half! I think we have a new record. We made them play board games and I think they secretly liked it. 

06 July 2016

i say

What is the point of Nate having such better pictures of events on his phone if he never uploads them?
 Preschool graduation
 Some men on Memorial Day