20 July 2016

when clothes aren't helping

One of them can't keep their shirt dry on account of spit up, drool and milk. One of them is having a rather bad potty-training day. And one of them is suffering from lack of attention and boredom.

19 July 2016

and she's back

For a few days over the weekend Magpie was all---tsz tsz tsz!
And wouldn't sleep.
And wouldn't eat enough, and wouldn't eat when I wanted her to quiet down, like when Nate and I tried to date. 
I sort of had a meltdown during which I was mean to everyone, mostly Nate. We are all glad she is back to her easily snoozy self and I don't have to act like a stressed out frazzled mom.
 And unrelatedly, our room looks decorated now! I moved the big mirror to our room but it didn't seem quite right, so I  moved my dresser into my closet and we hung two of gramps' photos above our bed (and then scooted them an inch closer together the next day...perfect!). Now our room looks nice and cozy. And rather monochromatic...blue, no surprise.

14 July 2016

got to do something with all that excess counter space


I am sorry to report there will likely be no August counter picture because her wiggling and wobbling is increasing daily, quickly drawing this wonderful phase to a close.

10 July 2016

Maggie Row

Magnolia Tree
and now, thanks to dad's impromptu addition,
Maggie Row.

07 July 2016

what a blessing

 The reward of staying for the whole meeting was that you got to be in this picture. So my dad, Evelyn and the Brian Clarks lost their chance on that one; sorry guys. I bet they regret their choice now.
 My mom watched Norah flit from gentleman to gentleman in the row in front of us. I was too busy not watching any kids to notice but I can't say I'm surprised.
 Magnolia got the surprise of her little life when her dad did the thing everyone says they're going to do; changing her name at her blessing. Of course, we already have a birth certificate and a social security card without the update, but I was highly in favor of it and slightly amused. Magnolia Maren Rowan Peterson! We really really had a hard time picking just one name.
In which someone looks handsome and someone looks bored. Or hungry. 

My parents and Andy and Jack stayed for days. It was like, two and a half! I think we have a new record. We made them play board games and I think they secretly liked it. 

06 July 2016

i say

What is the point of Nate having such better pictures of events on his phone if he never uploads them?
 Preschool graduation
 Some men on Memorial Day

30 June 2016

maladies the internet taught me i have

Well, for one thing, I have tryptophobia, which I just stupidly googled to make sure that's what it was called. I wondered why I always hated the cutaway images of plant cells in science--they are just plants after all. But tryptophobia is why. My inner forearms are still shuddering. (That is where it feels the worst when I see tiny circles. Which is of course very weird.) Other things I can't stand: beehives (with or without bees) and plant buds coming out of the ground. Ok, I have to stop now.

I also have Kaukokaipuu (which I'm not even going to try to remember). It is the severe homesickness for a place you've never been, except I've been both places once. (UK & Maine.) And that is why I hung up the maps in our office; to remind me to save our pennies for these trips I have planned.

I also have Minimalism, but not in the beautiful white-walled, all wooden or wicker way. (I wish.) Just the plain old minimalism way.

I, however, don't have the social-media-mandated-seemingly-mandatory wishing time would stop disease. I do have the no-more-logical wishing it was 100 years ago disease, but that has nothing to do with the internet, obviously. The last Anne Shirley book (which I just finished) is about World War 1, so I've been thinking about 100 years ago more lately. It would have been a pretty terrifying time too.
Using Internet, green wall, growing baby, 2016

28 June 2016

no big deal

Mags is our first baby to approach the 50th percentile in weight and height.
And at only two months old, too.
Atta Magnolia tree!

24 June 2016

endless struggle produces dirt on my shirt this time

Some of my favorite books to read are the ones that make me want to get up and do something. But yes, I'm sure you can see the problem with that--as soon as I get up to do the something I am no longer reading the book I liked...and I just want to get back to reading it. This time, my favorite Duchess Deborah inspired me to plant the two pepper plants, the tomato plant and the basil plant in very sunny spots in my garden.
They will probably die soon. Maybe tomorrow or next Tuesday. And my garden is overrun, like overrun with weeds and ants, so being in it is depressing and terrifying. Next year we are laying down weed barrier as soon as the snow melts and that is a fact. 

23 June 2016

small compensations

The huge ruffled blooms of our 1941 house peonies will never let me go,
but at least the roses we have here are the same color and bloom at the correct time.

Also of note: the Linden tree next door has just released its sweet scent today. Now if I ever move from here I will have something annual to miss about this spot as well. 

22 June 2016

when daddy comes home

Whilst the Robertsons were here, Father's Day was here. 
We had the Petersos over for burgers as a tiny gesture of our gratitude for them.
Ted saved Calvin from a lump-for-a-mother over the last year while I was pregnant and newborning with the invention of GRANDPA DAYS (or was it daze). Swell father-in-law, him.

 And mother-in-law, regardless of the Father's part of the Father's Day.
And Nate, the Father of the Century. 
(PS In case you didn't know, Using random Capitol letters makes things More Important.)

And MY dad. Well, he was in New Mexico as usual. We facetimed, but it wasn't enough of a celebration. We are going to have to fix that when we see him next.

21 June 2016

it's not because of luck

 When Steph main-lands we usually gather. This time we gathered around a bright blue lake. It wasn't too cold; it wasn't too hot. I failed at sunscreen application, somehow, despite applying it, but nothing else happened that could go in the negative column. I mean, the pizza wasn't great and the line for shakes was absurdly long and two Robertsons puked, but...no big deal.

 Calvin and Amby, being lookalikes, spent their time together. They built a stone fortress/path.
Look at us. Big smiles from the inside out. If I could convince them all to live in my town we could Ya-Ya (minus all the boozing) all summer (...and winter, why not?) and my life would be complete. 

16 June 2016

me and anne and marilla and toby and sue

From the official Green Gables house

While Nate's cousins were staying with us last weekend I roped them into giving me a free interior design consultation. Melissa has great taste and Ali actually is an interior designer and helped their grandparents with their beautiful re-do a few years ago. I realized my ideal style is half Green Gables, half Toby and Sue, which is apparently not a real style since when I googled it three of MY pictures from MY blog showed up. Which leads me to ask why am I the only one talking about Toby and Sue on the internet?

We've decided to relocate (ok, I mean rebuild) our bookshelves and that is about it. Well, either that or put all the living room furniture downstairs and all the downstairs furniture in the living room.

I have been reading the entire Anne of Green Gables series since Magnolia was born. It has given me more than interior design inspiration and era-envy. (That is a thing.) It has made me be more friendly with my neighbors and clean my house better, and not that I really needed the reminder but I also take the time to enjoy the glory of trees and flowers and storms and other nature things that I already love. I borrowed the 8 books from a neighbor, and I have one left; when I finish it I will return it with a pound cake, because I think that's what Anne would do.

14 June 2016

ducks in a row

When we go places I hold Magnolia and Calvin and Norah follow behind.
They are good; they don't run away.
They like to hold hands and walk in a line.
I feel like a mama duck.

10 June 2016

oh what do you do in the summertime

(at swimming lessons, at the indoor pool)
 Take turns being floated by your teacher
 Sleep on the cement
 Color on yourself
Practice dunking your head without freaking out