21 November 2017

thankful for dairy farmers and hr directors

You could almost say I am thankful for that horrible man who pushed Nate out of his old job using psychological warfare and straight up terribleness, because if it weren't for that, he may never have gotten to work for Gossner's, home of the best Cache Valley cheese and a wonderful boss. Nate didn't know why they all seemed so glad to have him there, but I know why and it's pretty obvious: awesomeness. He is great at his job and his job is at a great place.

20 November 2017

thankful for old ironsides

I actually complain about running on the treadmill all the time; how ungrateful can I be! What if I just couldn't run during naptime or during a blizzard or when it's dark? I would run 90% less in the cold dark months, and 100% less for the last two weeks. But as it is, I ran every day, listened to a ton of podcasts, paid nothing for a gym, and never had to leave my children alone or go at an inconvenient time. Also, have I mentioned, it was a hand-me-down and FREE? THANK YOU TREADY MC TREADERTONS!

17 November 2017

thankful for aeroplanes

 I never made it to Ann Arbor when Jesse and Catherine lived there, and that always made me sad. I never made it to Moldova (ha ha) (but I guess I really could have) either, and when they said their next destination was New Haven, I put a google watch on airfares out there. I think it was more than just being there with my mom and brother, but New England is a really homey place for me. When Nate and I went with his family seven...no eight...years ago, we both felt like we could just plop down right there in rural Maine and stay forever. I felt the same way about New Haven. I was only there for basically two days, but it was awesome. It was fun to be an auntie for a few days, and not have to answer to "Mom!" (although I answered, "Yeah?" 97% of the time).

16 November 2017

thankful for mystical baby snuggles

There is that thing that happens when the baby wakes up from her nap and alerts you in a way that isn't annoying, and she doesn't sit too long waiting for you so she's still sleepy and koala-bear-baby-ish when you pick her up: warm and round and heavy. The spell is broken when you put her down on the changing table, but that's just as well because it starts to vaporize as she sees the hall light and opens her mouth to jabber and wiggles and kicks her legs. But for a few seconds, the mystical baby snuggles are a wee bit magical, and I'm grateful for them, especially considering that the baby in question is undoubtedly a tasmanian devil in disguise the rest of the day.

13 November 2017

thankful for hymns

I have always wished for musical talent. Sometimes you just want to sing out at the top of your voice, "JOY TO THE WORLD!" but if your voice doesn't reach the high notes sometimes you don't really want to anymore. That's why I like that we sing hymns every single week at church; I have lots of chances to practice and sing out with people who aren't going to look down their nose at my flat notes. But even if they did, like the pros at the New Haven ward may have done, I wouldn't actually care, because it just feels good to sing your devotion. Hitting the high notes would be nice, sure, but I'll take it either way. (I have a sort of theory that this is why Christmas music is so popular with the public at large.)

10 November 2017

month of thanksgiving

I remember a few years ago it seemed like everyone blogged and everyone who blogged did a November month of Thanksgiving posts and I really liked that idea, but you know, when everyone else does something it is harder to do it...But luckily, now, no one blogs! So I can do it. Ten days late. Here I go.

I'm thankful for
Charlotte! She is coming along nicely, and we are going to be able to live there next month. Next month! What. They have installed the windowsills and baseboards, and poured the driveway and walkway this week. I have decorated it in my head, and I am getting pretty excited to get it all done in real life. Next month.

02 November 2017


 Halloween night was so pretty. The weather was ideal. The children were all into their costumes. Nate was an amazing spaceman. I was, of course as always, Rosie the Riveter. If you ask me, the best kind of kid costumes are home-put-together, non-sewing-required, and something the kid likes. Norah's Pooh Bear is sort of a cheat, because it was handmade by Gromma Trudy in the 80s and probably took a lot of time, but it didn't take US any effort (and she wore it last year too, do you remember?).

It was absurdly pretty over on Riverbirch Road. Then we went over to our neighborhood and joined the throng of trick-or-treats. I loved it actually--there were so many kids and families out and everyone was having fun, and everyone went in at about 8:00. This is why we're building Charlotte here. It's the #1 suburban neighborhood there is.

13 October 2017

i did it!

I did it, I did it, I said that I would do it and indeed I have! It was a long hard road with twists and turns, and everyone lost faith in me at some point, including my ownself, but I pulled through and I GREW OUT MY BANGS.

07 October 2017

like a school girl

It seems like Norah had to wait forever for school to start. She goes to a little preschool a couple of blocks away (right next to our old 1941 house, in fact), and we usually walk with Maggie in the stroller. Maggie still can't get used to seeing her go inside the house without us; she does her classic Maggie shrug, saying "Hey? Hey?" super confused about where Sis is going alone. Norah does not seem to mind at all, on the other hand. She doesn't seem shy about it and is always happy to go and is happy afterward. I don't get a lot of info about her time there, though. "Tell me three things about your class today." "Recess was boring, I had to go down the slide, and we ate fishy crackers." Hm. 

05 October 2017

my first pancake

Well, he's finally 7. He's been claiming it for months, so it's about time. It seems like it could just as easily by 10, but I'm glad it's just 7 for the extra three years that gives us. I saw the clouds rushing across the sky early on Wednesday, his birthday, while I was the only one awake, and it reminded me of him. Pretty fluffy clouds in a hurry to get somewhere and get something done. He is off the charts in every subject at school, including citizenship. I just want to pinch those rose petal cheeks all day, but if I did he wouldn't have time to be obsessed with riding his bike, playing with his neighbor friends, reading millions of books, playing with his new legos, writing love notes to everyone, playing basketball, eating like a teenager or running at top speed while giggling.

03 October 2017


Charlotte is coming along nicely, if by nicely you mean several mistakes and miscommunications with the builders. Yesterday they installed windows and doors, windows and doors.

I am so excited to put toile wallpaper up in the laundry room. It's going to be awesome.

15 September 2017

gossner party

Taking the kids to the Gossner party was 101% less intimidating this year than it was last year. I don't care what all those mushy baby-lovers tell you, kids are easier the older they get. I still was done being at the party before they were, but not before we
- said hi to Nate (who was working)
- ate a big old farmer's lunch (I did, anyway)
- bounced in all the bouncy houses (They did, anyway)
- stood in line for about an hour so Norah and Calvin could ride in a little airplane ride
- got faces painted
- got balloon swords made
- got ice cream
- posed for pictures
It was awesome to see them having so much fun. It really is a privilege to spend so much time with them, doing simple things they think are amazing. (Also doing amazing things like bouncy houses.)

13 September 2017

attitude and bias

Parents I know seem to be very good these days at not bragging about their children. That old stereotype, like a few others, seems to be no longer grounded in fact. It makes me wonder then, am I more vain than the other parents, or are my kids just soooo amazing that I can't be expected to contain myself?? Calvin, for instance, is such a smart person. I know, I've said that already! He's a wonderful reader, which I don't take for granted and did not actually put any effort into at all. (Which is also a brag, I know!) He also gets when people are joking and lets them...I mean, that is a kind of intelligence some of us still struggle with. I brag about all three of my geniuses, not just him, because they are kind of superkids.

11 September 2017

oddly accurate mary poppins measurements

Prone to giggling. Doesn't put things away.

Highly stubborn and suspicious.

Rosy cheeks-- obviously.

08 September 2017

oh the places you'll read

Maggie's been into a book called "I like stars," and "Go Dog Go." I like stars happens to be a library book and happens to be missing.
Norah was on a huge Mother Goose kick, but has been branching out lately with old favorites like "Fox in Socks" and "One Naked Baby" (a classic).
Calvin cannot get enough of serieses. Seriesi? Multiple Series. Such as Magic Tree House, ABC Mysteries, Nate the Great, Famous Five, and a new one called the Calendar Mysteries. He reads about one of these chapter books a day, until he runs out.
I've been reading a few Alexander McCall Smith books in a row, and Nate finished the second Lord of the Rings pretty quick and then Gone Girl.