18 July 2018

brazil and vintage marilyn

As part of the Clark reunion, which totally displaced that schedule I wrote a few posts back (and we still haven't quite gotten back into it), there was of course some more of the Giving Away of the Stuff. Since Nate lives in the same town as Grampsy and Grammy, and we have had several houses to furnish, we feel like we  have an adequate amount of Clark family heirlooms and art. That being said, we just couldn't pass up Nate's Brazilian mask (which he gave them from his mission) or the oversized print of Grammy as a model on a bike. Nothing cheers up a laundry room like a pretty lady happily bicycling with cat-eye sunglasses, as everyone knows.

16 July 2018

a conversation with a magnolia tree

(After a nap, while her sister is wailing in the kitchen for an unspecified and irrelevant reason)

Maggie: I WOKE UP!!!!!!!
Me: Hi Maggie, want to take a nap with me?
Maggie: I'm awake. Norah is crying?
Me: Yep.
Maggie: Norah crying of monster?
Me: What?
Maggie: Norah is crying because monster?
Me: Oh. No, not because of a monster.
Maggie: Why is Norah crying?
Me: I don't know, why don't you go ask her.
Maggie, later, apparently having asked Norah why she was crying: Norah crying of Mom.

27 June 2018

copy kitten

Remember the good old days of blogging when everyone copied each other? (Usually they copied nienie.) Now no one blogs, and when they do they aren't allowed to copy anymore because of intellectual property rights and unique content issues. However, I am a throwback and I am going to copy Homesong today by sharing our summer rhythm. Because I like lists and framework.

6-7 am: I wake up and run, usually arriving home before anyone else wakes up. Unless I don't, in which case skip to line 2.

7-8 am: Nate wakes up, kids wake up, I make breakfast, Nate goes to the gym or work. We eat, do hair and get dressed.

8:30 or thereabouts: We do morning work, scriptures, clean up breakfast, play, go outside to look at plants.

10ish: Lessons

10:05 (just kidding, but just whenever Lessons are done, usually 20 minutes or so) to 11:30 or 12:00: Pretty unstructured time. We go to the store if we need to or the kids watch a show or go outside. I do computer work, more cleaning (or laundry) or read.

12:30 - 2:00: REST TIME Maggie naps, the kids have to be quiet and in their room or their current assigned rest time location if they can't handle being together.

2:00 - 5:00: An outing if necessary such as the library or splash pad or a hike or store. Otherwise we just hang out here. Kids play with friends or each other. Popsicles usually involved.

5:00 - 6:30 depending on the day: Dinner; hopefully we've waited for Nate to come home. Horse around and clean up till the magic 7.

7:00: BED TIME Maggie goes right to bed, I read to Calvin and Norah until about 7:40 usually and then they go to their room. Now that it is light, Calvin goes straight to his bed instead of reading in our room (because he doesn't need a lamp to read in bed when the sun's up).

8-10pm: Nate and I hang out on the porch and read or look at the moon in binoculars, or I go for a walk and he falls asleep in in zero-gravity chair, and then we usually end up with a show and a cookie before bed.


Monday - Get set up for the week
Tuesday - Scouts
Wednesday - Usually an Outing Day
Thursday - Recover from Outing
Friday - Get the house back in order
Saturday - I look forward to a long run all week, we do yardwork or housework that requires Nate. Our daily rhythms get forgot and sometimes we regret it. We try to do a family outing.
Sunday - Always the same: Breakfast, Church, Naps, Wait for Dad to Wake Up, Gromma's House, Bed.

Thank you for joining me for this week's edition of throwback copycat!

25 June 2018

we have the facts and we're voting yes

Please vote (circle one):
Is the porch the best?  YES / NO
Is it the ideal spot to eat popcilces? YES / NO
Is it prime location for reading in the afternoon and evening? YES / NO
Is sitting on the porch underrated? YES / NO
Do we need a vintage wicker sofa on the porch? YES / NO / OBVIOUSLY

23 June 2018

update on nate's hair

Looks great, as always. Obviously. Requires weekly maintenance to preserve the perfect length, but it's worth it to attain that look.
Beard update: At a good length, still looking reddishly Vikingish and becomes nicely shiny with the balm Nate puts in it. I have seen one or two white hairs proclaiming his advanced age (which is also my age for the next few weeks).

love bug

Thrives on: partial sun, diet rich in sugar, and requires many hugs (more than you'd think were necessary) for optimal growth.

19 June 2018

hair updates, and more

 Update on Norah's hair: She keeps snipping pieces off surreptitiously and pretending like she didn't. Other than that, it's pretty much the same: long, straight, bangs, cute. She prefers pigtail braids or a single braid, but sometimes requests "Many of them," (phrase taken from Maggie). She also by the way has got the cutest eyes; I don't know what she does to them, but they sparkle like diamonds from time to time. She is also, I must note, really nice to Maggie. 
Update on Maggie's hair: Pouf. Dandelion. I have found a way to tame it that takes 7 elastic bands, and it makes her look older and much more mature (and less crazy). She doesn't mind having it done, as long as I do it in 32 seconds or less and she can suck on her (and her siblings'--shhh) toothbrush. She will still occasionally snuggle on my neck and shoulder and still says "hug you" for "hold me." It's really too funny.
 Update on Calvin's hair: It's looking pretty shagalicious these days. I still think he should cut it because he hates to wash it and comb it and it gets in his face during swimming lessons. He was all for it--until he read a book about The Beatles and now we're back to "Maybe next month." He finally read something other than his comfort serieses (Magic Tree House, Secrets of Droon, Pirate School, Dragon Slayer's Academy, A to Z Mysteries and the like) even though he didn't think he could. Obviously he loved Matilda, and also liked Sideways Stories From Wayside School and biographies for kids of The Beatles (as mentioned) and Michael Jackson. He also has a Sherlock Holmes adaptation on the table and Encyclopedia Brown. 

07 June 2018

charlotte inside and out

I really like the light through the back of our house in the evenings. Of course, now we keep the curtains closed between the hours of 2:00 and 8:00 pm because of the boiling alive factor, but I usually reopen them when the sun fades so we can see the Light. 

It seems pretty stupid, or unimportant, to care about something like that, but it just makes me feel calm and happy and that's good enough for me.

Now, in the mornings, the front porch is the place to be. In fact, all times of day the porch is the place to be because of this view to begin with:
 And then the shade and the breeze in the afternoons and evenings. 
 Our house looked like this in the middle of Nate's yard work. He put in 15 hour days every Saturday in May and on his birthday, along with his dad's help, and worked until about 9 most nights and made everything perfect and ready for grass. He made these steps on the steep side of the house and we were like, "Cool."
 And then on Monday we laid the sod and now we're like, "COOOOOOOOOL!!"

We love Charlotte.

15 May 2018


Well time flies when you're having May. We haven't really even hiked yet, besides the day Calvin went to scout camp with Nate and I took the girls to Logan Canyon with some Noodles takeout for a picnic. Then we walked for about six minutes, but Maggie kept sitting down and crying and Norah stopped every twelve seconds to take her sandals off to get the dirt out of them. So we decided just to go back and throw rocks in the river for a while, which was ok with all of us because we seem to love throwing things in rivers. I'd like to meet someone who doesn't.

11 May 2018


 I just love Nate's Skeptical Face (as seen above). Sometimes he just gets a bee in his bonnet about the legitimacy of something, and he just makes this face a lot. It is funny. Sometimes he's right and the thing is bunk, but sometimes he's not which was the case with the Old Barn Theater in The Middle of Nowhere. ("Is it just in someone's garage?" he said as we turned off the highway.) 
 It turned out to be a very small, but very sincere little theater in the middle of nowhere, just as I had suspected. And good thing, too, because we went there for our tenth anniversary date last Saturday. We saw "And Then There Were None," not for the first time. One of the great things about Agatha Christie, at least if you've seen and read as much of her as we have, is that no matter if you remember the one you're seeing for a duplicate time you can almost never remember the ending. Who did do it anyway? It's great.
 I think this is the first year we have bought each other actual gifts, too. Gifts! I bought Nate a motorcycle saddle bag thingimijig he mentioned about six minutes after he mentioned it, and he bought me this stained glass window I've been pining for for over a year. I looooooooooooove it him.

10 May 2018

forever birthday

 On her birthday, Magnolia was super confused about why we were singing to her at breakfast. But that night we had cake and more singing, and then she was like "Oh yeah! I know what's going on here!" Then there was more singing a few days later, and then the next week even more singing and presents because Gromma and Grompa P were back in town--and by that point she was just like, "Oh yeah, we do this every few days for me. I'm pretty special." She  may be sad to learn that her birthdays are really over now.

 I got Mags the same sandals Norah and I have. We are pretty cool twinners. Her other present is a water bottle, so she would stop stealing all of ours.

25 April 2018

easter comes but once a year

 We had some fun leading up to Easter this year. I sewed some felt Easter eggs for putting candy in, because I had some felt on hand, and I had come across a post while I was looking for Waldorf School information where someone had made them--and all our plastic ones were broken. To my surprise, Calvin loved sewing them, and made about three himself. Then, Norah and I wet-felted some decorative eggs to put in little stick nests. It was fun and funny, but we weren't very good at it. I wanted to go to an activity the stake was having about Passover, but we couldn't go the day it was on, so maybe we'll try to expand our horizons next year.
 We dyed our eggs with red cabbage this year. It was also fun and funny, and scientifically illuminating. Solids, bases, pink to blue color change and all such stuff. Also, that way I didn't have to buy anything because we had half a cabbage that was getting too old to eat.
 I bought Calvin a book on WWII, Norah some paper dolls which she loved for a day and then hasn't played with since, and Mags a pack of markers. I thought, at the time I bought them, this is probably a mistake. Nate made scavenger hunts, or treasure hunts, or clues for the kids to find their loot. And I made one for Nate! But I can't remember what I gave him. 
 I bought two bags of candy, and I needn't have bought any, since we went over to Petersons' after lunch, and got about sixty bags worth, as usual.
I made the girls gingham dresses, and Calvin wanted a tie but he didn't get one. You can't always get what you wa-ant, as my dad would say or sing in the 90s.

18 April 2018

the more it snows, tiddly pom

The "Blog" so to speak is now good for almost nothing; nothing but house updates, weather updates, and shagginess of my children's hair updates.

First, they came and graded our dirt a few weeks ago, which I really doubted would happen in a timely manner. So we are going to be able to get our lawn in this year after all! And a garden. And  a secret garden. We just have to get sprinklers in first. Easy. (Ahem.)

Next, the weather. It has not been warm. It has been quite unwarm. There has been raining and snowing and wind beyond compare. But Monday was the wind of the changing of the seasons, so I think we have turned the corner.

Lastly, the children's hairs are all out of control. 

12 March 2018


Norah was almost TWO when we moved to Hyde Park.
Maggie was almost TWO when we moved into Charlotte.
Like, what?! This picture confused me for a minute because Migs wears that shirt now and has those teeth and cheeks. La la la love.