29 January 2009

homemaking revival

I have not forgotten about the homemaking booklet. I've been thinking about it a lot, and am glad they included the following paragraph by way of explanation (and political correctness):

Homemaking, of course, is a partnership affair and both husband and wife must share in it. But because this booklet is for high school girls (I beg to differ, Betty!) it centers on the woman in the partnership.

But more importantly, today's topic is why homemaking is a "CAREER" in the "CARRER"iest sense of the word:

Why is homemaking a career--the greatest career in the world? It is simply because the homemaker creates the home, that small world within a big world where attitudes and habits of thinking and doing are formed. It is her talent for loving and giving that helps shape the nation, yes, even the world of tomorrow---and makes homemaking the important career it is.

The attitude and habit of thinking around my house today is one of being okay with eating up to five cookies before dinner. Betty Crocker's booklet never taught me that (but not all homemakers are the same)! It's also one of watching my husband vacuum off his shoulders and back after giving himself a haircut. See how we're partners like that?

ps I have no idea why or how that font is so huuuuge. Awesome.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yeah, i def. think we are all different kinds of homemakers at different stages of life and i like that! and i like the huge font- it makes a good quote seem all the more important!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...


josh and karah said...

awesome. i really like you.

Carrie said...

why is it that I read this and I think, "well if they say it, it's gotta be true, right?" but then my brain tells me that I'm still not sure that homemaking is a certifiable career...

Is it the feminist movement? I love what I do, but I still don't think "the world" will ever see it this way (homemaking as something of value). Not that it really matters, I guess, but it's interesting for me to think about.

I appreciate your vote of confidence, though. :)

mrs. peterson said...

dear carrie,

i can't tell if i'm a feminist or an anti-feminist.