31 January 2009

the houseguest

Timmy's here! (My mom worked so hard when he was little so he would be known as Tim not Timmy. All in vain it seems.) After what has been a tough week for a working girl, there are three good reasons her little brother should come to visit.
one (1): He raises the hilarity in our house up a couple more notches. And hilarity is the best medicine.
two (2): He miraculously fixed Nate's ipod after I accidentally made it freeze.
three (3): (I forgot #3)
And SO, even though he exposes me to situations I'm not used to (I guess I had to clean the toilet anyway today and to do that I need the seat up), Tim is a great houseguest.
And I'm very happy to get to spend some extra time with him before he leaves this spring to serve as a missionary. And maybe his future wife will thank me for trying to teach him about toilet seats.

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TQ said...

Timmy Time! Yaaaay! Aren't brothers a great invention?