05 February 2009

10 not-normal things on a normal day

1 I normally don't escape work 15 minutes early. 2 Perhaps, but I normally take a lunch break.
3 I normally don't go to the store in my exercising clothes. 4 I normally don't spontaneously decide to buy breadsticks, thereby causing myself to make a detour to the store while still dressed my exercising clothes (and accompanying sweat).
5 I normally don't get shower clean twice a day. (Once is really pushing it anyway, right?)
6 I normally don't have to meet with the CEO.
7 I normally don't eat parts of candy bars.
8 I normally don't upload & decorate old pictures of me & nate & pretend we just took them.
9 I normally don't spill milk.
10 I normally don't sing "Intervention" by Arcade Fire really loudly and quite nicely if rather repetitively during my second shower of the day.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i wanna normally eat breadsticks... that sounds really really really great right now!

diana palmer said...

i have decided that you are the perfect blend of normal and not.

this is what reading your blog for two years (or something) has taught me.