18 February 2009

circa 1956

The setting:
It's a sunny, cold winter day in small-town USA. A young married couple is walking to church attired in classic
Sunday Best. It is 2009.

The people:
The Mrs. is a petite lady who has never much liked wearing pants, especially jeans, and would be comfortable wearing dresses daily. Like
this one maybe, and this one in the summer. (Psst, she might buy them from here.)
The Mr. is a handsome fellow with a happy face who passed up buying a pale yellow cardigan at D.I. today even though it was only $3. He enjoys wearing his grandfather's cap.

the Mr: Sometimes I wish I was born in the '30s so I could be this age in the '50s.
the Mrs (wholeheartedly): Me too.
the Mr: Or even in the '20s so I could be this age in the '40s.
the Mrs: Except then you'd have to go to war. Let's stick with the '50s. We should have been there together. (I could have even worn the same wedding dress.) (she somehow says parenthetically.)

(Nathan's grandparents)


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i like this about you guys. i wish i could have been there with you guys too (and i think thomas' look would fit in swimmingly as well). then we could take friends pictures together like my grandma had with her friends. we would wear calf length plaid skirts with a sweater and pins with pearls on them and have our hair perfectly curled each day.

Timothy said...

hey sister what was the name of my blog. i'm feelin like a blogger at the moment but i don't remember what it was called but i remember you liked it and might remember it. i wrote a facebook note instead but it's not the same. or is it I like the 50's too, but i'd prefer 1900 and i'd be a mountain man livin in the woodsen