28 February 2009

nice to meet you, it's my birthday

I had a nice birthday when I was two. (Look how excited my dad is.) Also when I was about two I won a big Easter basket from the store but I cried so much I wasn't even in the picture we took of it. (The basket was taller than my sister.)
I like to do funny things and make people laugh. I make up songs such as "Train on the Road." I also like to dress up as Indiana Jones.
The last thing I did before I commenced my training to be a missionary was help my {super cool} sister move into her Logan apartment. I've never met my brother-in-law but I'm going to like him.

What else about me? I like the outdoors and I'm really creative and I think I have a blog but my sister doesn't remember the web address for it. Yikes.

It's my birthday and I'll be home soon(ish)!


bearydiane said...

Yeah for Andy's birthday! I love the picture of him turning 2 and of him as Indiana Jones! SO CUTE! And you are right, he will really like his brother-in-law! I mean, what's not to like, right??eur

julis said...

Nicely done. I was thinking about all of these things on this day. Especially "Train on the Road." Some music is so classic it never dies.

Nathan said...

happy birthday brotherinlaw andy!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

happy late birthday from me!

oh and i got that good old dress at good old savers in honolulu. i sure like that place.

Echo said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Oh, and great job on the dress...I can't even sew a napkin!

Rowboat said...

oh i was really confused for a while but i think i figured it out. happy birthday young missionary brother!