16 February 2009

onward homemaking

Dear Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1971,Thank you for Presidents Day. I spent the day mostly inside the home my husband and I make, becoming a better homemaker by being interested in others and by being a person in my own right (relaxing with family and congenial friends and by myself, crocheting my hobbies, being interesting in the small child who kept trying to hedge up my way as I ran around and around and around the gymnasium, listening to good music and eating a lot).

xxooMelissaP.S. Remember our ideal homemaker? Here are some more of our traits listed in the book.She is interested in other people
It is very important to be concerned about the welfare of others--their hopes, their needs, and their problems. The future security of your own children may depend to a large degree on your understanding of other people, no matter what their race, color, nationality or income.


She is a person in her own right
The ideal homemaker does not forget herself in her concern for others. She uses her leisure time to learn things and meet new people and to relax with the family and congenial friends; she does not let the minutes slip idly by. She keeps in touch with the world through reading, attending lectures, radio and television. She listens to good music.

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