13 February 2009

peter pan again this year plus an unexpected valentine

Flat cap, Newsboy, Gatsby, Watch Cap, Cabbie Hat, Snap Brim, whatever you choose to call it--have you ever seen Nate in one?

It's a handsome sight.

But anyway, he bought some eggs on the way home from school today because I told him to (didn't even ask, am working on an attitude adjustment). And then he took me to a play tonight: Peter Pan (second year in a row, actually) at the high school and it rocked (second year in a row, actually, but last year they were professionals).

And so I sit here, looking like this:
Being glad Nate P likes plays, thinking about his hat and wondering if I should wake him up and drag him to bed or just let him sleep until he wakes up because his back gets all wonky from sleeping on the floor in front of the couch because when I asked him which he'd prefer about five minutes ago he said, "I'm not asleep." Um. So I'm not sure.


Abby said...

Peter Pan is wonderful in theatre. Seren was in our highschool performance last year, and it was soooo good! I loved Hook. Did you have a good Hook?

You have a sweet husband. AND watch out, I catch myself ASKING, "Do you wanna pick up some eggs for me?" but I'm not really asking, if you know what I mean. One time he said "No" and it threw me through a loop! :) So I guess it is like you said, an attitude thing more than the sentence construction.

Ah, but you are concerned for his back becoming wonky, and that is true love.
Happy Valentines Day!

Carrie said...

UM, your hair looks fabulous! And peter pan sounds marvelous. I'll have to see it some day.

And those eggs are the cutest, most sweet thing I've ever seen.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

we got it at old navy like a day after we found out we were having a boy. i was reeeeally excited! it was a happy day once he could finally fit into it. :)

and i would like to say that i love the newsies cap (thats waht we call it around this here house) look! i always want thomas to wear one and ambrose has one that is sadly getting too small too!

Timothy said...

momo i like that gold/red shirt combo. it matches the "um?" on your blinds