20 February 2009

shiny shoes might get me through the winter

This year's purple shoes are very very shiny. And since it's still very winter, there's still much snow, slush, puddles, and general filth on the ground to wade through with those dainties. Even if you try really hard to prance around it all.

Nathan document how high off the ground my feet float if I sit all the way back on this bench. Pretty high. He photographed this on Monday, which will have to count as this week's date, since it's now Friday but he just left the house wearing worker-clothes to clean up some mess or muck or another and left me here to drown my sorrows in spritzy carbonated fruit juice and some experimental crepes. Bummer.


Abby said...

You need a vacation. Somewhere warm and sunny.

Timothy said...

i like how it says you have dollars instead of comments. like comments are actually worth something. no i just like it cuz it's fun

Carrie said...

You know what's crazy? I had crepes last night too! And it's not like I make crepes every night, just so I can have that in common with someone when they make crepes too. I think it might be my first time ever making crepes. I imagine we even used the same recipe. wild.

I'm sorry you had to eat them by your lonesome self. That's sad.

mrs. peterson said...

that's crazy carrie, it was my first time making crepes too. but i got my recipe from the joy of cooking book. is it warm there, by the way? i'm sure abby needs a warm sunny break as much as i (and everyone else) do--we should all come visit you. unless it's not sunny there, either, in which case we can all head further south until it gets warm.

ps tim, your comments are worth five dollars instead of just the one.