01 February 2009

as i lay me down to sleep

Sometimes on Saturdays Nate likes to eat grilled cheesers and drink chocolate milk. It reminds him of when he was little and he'd spend the day with his dad. Maybe he'd like to throw in an episode of The Andy Griffith Show to make the commemoration complete.
Likewise there are Saturdays when all I want to eat is apple slices, bananas, cheese and crackers. We used to call that "Daddy lunch." It really hits the spot.

There is a new song our primary is singing. It's from the Friend magazine, so it's not on the church website to listen to, but I get teary every time the kids sing any of the verses. (And Carrie found me the link: http://www.lds.org/cm/display/0,17631,7206-1,00.html. Thanks, friend!) And we're learning it right now, so that means like ten times in a row I'm holding tears in trying to get my class to sing. The song is called "The Family is of God" and talks about the roles of mothers and fathers and children. It's pretty cool. If you want to hear it, call me up and I'll sing it to you. In the meantime, here is another cool primary song that I've never actually heard sung in a primary setting. I just found it on the resource-packed music section of lds.org. Click!


julis said...

It's you. Dad was irrigating that summer, so he's all buff and tan. We lived in an apartment in Arco, just for the summer. Then we moved back to Provo for more school.

mrs. peterson said...

thanks mom

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh i love seeing the pictures of the young dads and dont you love the fact that you two got to grow up with great dads by your side? some of my friends avoided or didnt really like their dads when we were growing up and i always thought that was so sad.

anyway, great pics.

Carrie said...

Look how tired they both look! Ha! So true to life. Just yesterday i took a photo of Ben with Banksy on his chest and he was looking just as tired. I would venture to say that means they were good, involved dads.

So sweet, it melts my heart.

Oh I think it's so great that you love that song. It is on the church website riiiiight here: http://www.lds.org/cm/display/0,17631,7206-1,00.html

And while you're there, have you ever heard Scripture Power? It's awesome.

Rowboat said...

this is so sweet. i love hearing little kids sing in primary.

Timothy said...

daddy lunches are the best. I eat them all the time.