09 March 2009

blossom of snow may you bloom and grow

While we were at the free store* this weekend, we picked up a few things to lighten and brighten--a big framed mirror for one thing. Let's get some light jumping around this basement, shall we? Many frozen parts of a butchered cow (could I make that grosser? sorry. and it won't brighten or lighten anything. oops.) for another. And a sprig for brightening and adding oxygen. Will it really sprout roots and grow? If it does we are ready to transplant it into some rich potting soil that is humbly waiting in the ceramic pot also from the free store.

If it doesn't maybe we can get a refund.

*There are two such free stores, one here and one in Idaho. They don't always have everything we need, but the owners are so darn nice we just keep going back.

1 comment:

Timothy said...

i only have one free store :( maybe someday i'll get a second. one closer to me than in idaho. I like the word sprig. ps can i have the recipe for peanut butter brownies mentioned in the last post. pps leave out the part where you leave it on a hot burner ppps i really like the word pabbles pppps when are you comin to that play in slc?