18 March 2009

i prefer citrus fruit for breakfast

Today was like magic. A la peanut butter sandwiches. First of all, I ate cookie dough for breakfast (this is not part of the good part) which gave me a killer headache, which I knew was my own fault. But by after work, the sun was warm and my belly was empty so I ran outside again in the springy smelly step, and guess who I saw. It was Nathan on his way home from a much bigger run than I dare attempt. Just around the corner from my house I realized I love being outside. (Well, I wasn't surprised to discover this, but it was like strengthening my testimony of it.)

But then I got cheered up (even more). A shower and a vanilla ice cream cone later and my mother-in-law Trudy, Nate P. and I were sitting in the crowded high school auditorium. And then I proceeded to thoroughly enjoy a country music tribute to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It didn't matter that the brand of music wasn't exactly my #1 favorite--the church is my favorite and I just sat there thinking, man, this is huge. Not the show, or the people up on stage (although they had the woman who played Emma in the recent Emma movie sing a couple of songs, and she was quite lovely) (and quite tall) but the gospel. I regularly feel enormous respect and reverence for the army of pioneers who brought the church out of the swamp and up to our mountains, but tonight I felt that feeling for the millions of us today. We are all part of this huge, unstoppable amazing thing. It's it.

That's it. Unless you'd like to see some temples. Then watch this:


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i have been baking all day and worrying and being busy and this was a nice calm down and smell the flowers reminder- even if that wasnt the specific purpose. it helped me and i feel my testimony strengthening. thank you.

Echo said...

I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I hope you don't mind, I stole it and put in on my blog! You know, got to spread the message.

mrs. peterson said...

i stole it from a different blog, so nope--i don't mind at all!