03 April 2009

ce jeu means this game (i think?)

Pandora is really good at knowing what I'd like; when I added Mates of State to my Feist station, the very next song was "Keep the Car Running"--Another favorite. Then, today, it played me this song:

which made me really smile. Oh man, I smiled a mile wide. I'm actually listening to it againc(but not watching it) and smiling again. And kind of bobbing.

And there's also this one, which comes up frequently. Love it. (Don't love this video, but there's not a real one that I could find.)

It's not hard to know what I'd like, though (no offense to Pandora). I'm basically a wide-open book. Par example: On our very first date my husband Nate P. showed me an antique doorknob in the guest room because he thought I'd like it. I did. But not as much as I liked him.


Carrie said...

I had never heard those songs before and I love them! I like anything in French though.

I heart pandora. Did you know they have a great MoTab station? Not too much MoTab, which makes it great, but a lot of lovely instrumental hymns for sunday morning.

Mrs. Jen said...

The first song was on the playlist when i worked in the store, i heard it over and over but still loved it.

i heart pandora too.

Melissa Brown said...

I love Yelle!

anne.elizabeth said...

This is great. very very great.