08 April 2009

if you were watching CBS in 1990 you may know this face

If you saw that one episode of Wheel of Fortune, that is. You know the one; the one where you would have seen this lovely lady guessing the right letter, spinning that wheel, and being rather pregnant with my brother Timb, only to have all of her hard work stolen by the dustbag to her right at the end of the final round. Rotten luck. How-ever. She has also managed to successfully have a birthday today, with no dustbags in sight. (As far as I'm aware.)
There are so very many awesome shots of my mother as a young mother, middle-aged mother, and young-again mother that it was extremely difficult to choose which to share with you on her special day.
Below you'll see one of her special day in nineteen-ninety-something-or-other, when she turned thirty-mcsomething.
(If you think that wood paneling rocks, you should see the opposite wall: the church pokey wall is what I call it. What it really was I'll never know. The day my dad painted it white was a stroke of genius, I'll tell you that.)
Always a pretty lady, today she's forty-mcsomething-or-other. (I mean thirty, sorry mom!)

Happy Birthday!


Echo said...

Happy Birthday Julie! (Pass it along, will you Mo?)

Carrie said...

Was she really on wheel of fortune or are you pulling my leg? I feel like you are pulling my leg. Dang it. how did I get so gullible?

Happy Birthday to your mom, though! She sure raised a fine family.

mrs. peterson said...

she was! and she was also on The Match Game.

julis said...

Yeah, for a while there the Webb family were Game Show Playas. My dad was on (shoot I can't remember the name of it, but it was more a game of chance than skill) and everyone but me was on Family Feud. If only I'd been there, we'd have won for sure.

Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes. :)

bearydiane said...

Dad was on Sale of the Century (mom thinks) and I wasn't on Family Feud either or we TOTALLY would have won- come to think of it... I think we were both in UT

Rowboat said...

wow you look so much like your mom in those first two pictures! congrats to you both.