20 April 2009

one thing i liked was wearing this scarf

I also liked swinging the baseball bat while wearing that yellow dress because the dress would tornado around me. Which was annoying. Yet funny.

I also liked teaching our primary class about healthy foods and then giving them crackers as a treat. And then no one asked for a second cracker.

I also liked that Nate remembered so many of the funny things the children said on Sunday, and how he was trying so hard not to laugh when one little boy's shirt got soaking wet from the bathroom sink.

I liked riding my bike, sitting in the sun talking to my parents, running farther than I ever have before, riding my bike, and carrying things while I rode my bike.

I liked that Nate laughed at me for wearing his slippers. Again. Like he always does when I always do.

I liked making a plan. A plan for a trip. A trip that happens to take place in two weeks, our anniversary.

I also liked hearing my husband pray for me to have a better day at work, praying for myself to have a better day at work, and actually having a better day at work today.

*This list was brought to you by Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Timothy said...

does nate wear your slippers? cuz i know you has some

laurel said...

hi melissa! Do you recognize who I am? I like these details you notice and enjoy. The slippers thing is cute.

mrs. peterson said...

laurel, you're funny. who are you again? just kidding. seriously kidding.

Rowboat said...

that's really sweet. the best part is nate praying for you. how adorable. can't get better than that, can it?

laurel said...

I don't know why exactly but it really does make me feel sorta special when people adress me using my name.

Bitty said...

I think you look great in that scarf and love that you have a yellow dress.