07 May 2009

america's passtime

And now a post dictated by Nate P. and transcribed by yours truly.

You'll know it's that time of year. when. you get your glove and a ball. and your baseball t-shirt. and you go to the di-amond. and drop off the lesson manual on the way.

Bummer that it's so windy sometimes. and cold. and. the injury before your game delays your game for one half hour.

But. . . playing softball in the end isn't so bad.

Wait, erase that.

NO, no no!

(zipped his lips and threw away the key)

(but he wasn't done yet)

We didn't lose by that much.

1 comment:

Michelle & Cole said...

I am so glad summer is in the air! I love a good bike ride and BBQ.