22 May 2009

the breakfast series

We had so much ice to choose from today.

But I only needed three cubes.

I've won the wellness drawing at work twice in the five months I've been there.

And that's because I always eat a healthy breakfast (one point a day).

Because if I don't, I can get really crabby.

Low blood sugar or something.

I also always wear my seatbelt (one point a day) and I give myself points for yoga even though it's not on the list.

The first time I won a 72-hour kit.

The second time it was a lawn badminton set.

I don't have a lawn.

I gave it away.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

how fun- what will you win next??? :)

mrs. peterson said...

the year-end prize is a beach cruiser bike. it's mine!

Bitty said...

wait, what did I miss? why do you get prizes? I want to win something. Wait... sorry. I mean cool Mellie, glad you won things.