18 May 2009

a dream, a favorite color

I saw a very awesome clip a few weeks ago. I was a big hit when I showed it to everyone at work when it was my day to tell the joke in our team meeting. Maybe you've seen it, too. It's the one that says Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy. You know the part where he mentions that there was once a time where people had to use their own money from the bank to do things, and when the money was gone they just said, "Well, we can't do any more things."

Well, today's theory is in the same vein, and it comes from a British wartime slogan: Make do and mend. Wonder if that would ease our so-called economic woes.


Abby said...

That clip was great. I've been thinking a lot about this. Make do or do without, right? Work with what you have. It's fun to make something creative with what you have. I think we are undoubtedly going back to this philosophy. On the other hand, it is hard for me. Just going to Target makes me worldly (let alone the mall!). I need things I didn't know I needed. I'm more aware of how I look.
When I want to do activities with my kids (kids! They are so easy and fun to spoil!) I want to just go buy the FUN craft materials they have instead of using the random what-nots we have at home. I tell myself they will be more creative if they create from what we have. And I am trying to be proud of my wardrobe consisting of nothing in fashion, old shoes that are ugly-but still functional and my dye free hair, etc. It's not easy, but I know it is good.
What is funny is that I just woke up and resolved that I was going to go buy some new clothes today for my family despite better judgement, but now I'm brought back to reality. Ha Ha. Thanks.
Longest comment in history.
You seem to live this philosophy so well....and joyfully. I want to call you and talk.

mrs. peterson said...

yeah i know what you mean, it's hard for me to find a balance between using my creativity to make my stuff awesome (very important!) and keeping the worldliness out of it. after reading your comment i realized i should take that bag of clothes out of my car that i was going to take to d.i. and use that for my next project. now i'm glad i procrastinated taking that trip! (random what-not projects here i come) call me!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Yeah that clip is seriously funny and amen and amen to what has been said!! I think I'll write that quote down and put it somewhere obvious since it seems to be the theme of my life these past four or five months.

Timothy said...

hey you were right i have seen that clip and it's still funny! + war time slogans = cool! and creativity too

Carrie said...

ha! I enjoyed that clip very much.

If you print that quote out and sell it on Etsy, pretty soon you'll be in every contemporary designer's home and then you'll yelled at when you post pictures of it on design*sponge.

Oh sorry, that was kind of a tangent but that's what happened to the other wartime slogan: keep calm and carry on.