17 May 2009

one two buckle my shoe

1. Andy went on tour this weekend, making a stop here, where we swung over to the local gardener's market. We bought some plants to grow. A five-year-old kid told us which parts of about five plants were edible, so we bought some tulips from him (petals are edible). Andy's next stop was Provo.

2. I had a (very unoriginal) realization this week. It is that the more I have to do, the more capacity I have to do things. Back in my part-time working days, I used to get stressed out when I had to work until 5 o'clock because then I didn't have enough time to do everything else. Now, somehow, I do.

And then I got a new assignment at church, one that will test out my theory. I think it will hold water as they say. I'm excited, but I'm sorry to end teaching munchkins with Nate P.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

so true! and I LOVE LOVE tulips! love them.

Timothy said...

did you end up eatin the tulips? and where is that little kid? i wanna know what other plants are edible! ps im sure your hypothesis will hold water, as they say

Carrie said...

I love to look at tulips but someone would have to give a pretty good argument as to why I'd want to eat my table decoration.

What's your calling (if you feel like sharing)?

mrs. peterson said...

yep, no eating of the tulips here. especially not the purple one! our whole town has tulips planted all around their houses all of a sudden, so if we ate ours we could always go get more i guess.

i'm the 1st counselor in the young women's presidency. i'm really excited, but it's kind of crazy, huh?