05 June 2009

birthday moves and domestic moves

The other day Nate P. asked me if I had stopped making cookies because we've passed our 1-year anniversary. Let's just say the theory I had in May isn't holding all the water. I've had little to no time for primping, making things with my own two hands, reading, throwing away old fruit, laundry, napping, cleaning baseboards, killing spiders, dusting the tv, proper documentation of birthday parties, cookies or homemade pizza. But do you know what Friday means? Domesticity, dear. But where is that husband of mine? Not home from work I see. Finally, a chocolate cookie.

And now let's backtrack to Wednesday, a birthday party a day late. Guests included the guest of honor's parents, siblings and grandparents.
It took me three days to make the pathetic train cake.
Didn't matter. We ate it anyway.


julis said...

You know I'm a fan of cake. I think I shall change that loyalty to cakelets. Very nice! And I like spare wheels, too. With a glass of cold milk (side note--notice how that phrase changes if I say "cold glass of milk," which was my first syntactic inclination? It changes, yes, but most people understand it to mean the same thing. It's only the persnickety word-people who debate mentally about the clarity of such phrases.) Anyway. Good train cake and supplements, dear. Sorry about the failed theory. Maybe you just need time to adjust?

Carrie said...

That is the cutest little cake I've ever seen.

I was so excited for your ability to really do it all. Is it the calling that ended up throwing everything out of whack? Because mine is. It makes me not want to go out of the house on Sunday. Sad? I hope you don't feel that way. It's lame of me.

mrs. peterson said...

luckily it's not really the calling. it's the job. yikes.

anne.elizabeth said...

The thing is, I just would die for a chocolate chip cookie right about now. Gosh, and a waffle. Those two things would make my day right now. Indian food is great and all, I'm not complaining but chocolate chip cookies and waffles with FRESH strawberries are just as swell.

Eat some for me this summer, k?

Carrie said...

ew. job issues are icky. which is to say that jobs are icky. i'm sorry. i've never been happier since i retired. you should try it.