15 June 2009

a bit

Today I looked a little like my friend Bitty. (I wished.) I wore a white belted shirt with cool buttons and wide-leg pants; this and my short hair fooled me when I saw my reflection. I haven't seen Miss Bitty for quite some time, and it's a bit sad. I texted her a little tonight for the first time in ages. I had something I wanted her to know. (Bitty, where did you get those jeans you used to wear? They were on the light side and kind of wide and I really like them. Do you know which ones I'm talking about? I've been looking for wide-leg pants for short girls lately.)

She likes zoos. She likes Europe. She likes talking. She likes music. She likes English novels. She likes smart television programs. She likes baklava. She has this casual elegance that I can't mimic. I magically met her through Becca this one time when I really needed a friend. She's awesome. Peace out.

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Andy said...

oi. I finally read this blog and I followed the music link (I extra like links; I extra like music links plus plus). I liked it lots and lots.