01 June 2009

i don't know if you noticed a theme here

Given to me by me about two weeks ago.
Colors: blue and red.
Hanging by a tack, awaiting a wash and a frame.

Given to me on June, 1.
Colors: blue and red.
Made by Nate P. (He's done it again, folks.)

Received by mail June 1.
Colors: blue and red (and glitter?)
Selected and given (and a twin owned) by Britty McBritterton (Cartoons are a first for us.)

And now for the bonus picture, Nate's work in action


boo face mcjones said...

ok, so i am catching up on a month's worth of blogging. i have to know if you went to the drive-in. we were going to go on saturday, but it looked like rain so we didn't. but i wish we had. and i wish we had people to go with. idaho falls really isn't so far away...

and p.s. i love all the pictures. you look GORGEOUS young lady,

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh cool! i LOVE that t shirt especially of the little girl... hmmmmm..... i may even love it enough to shamefully copy it......

but remember: I LIVE ON AN ISLAND!

mrs. peterson said...

becca boo, i did not end up going to the drive in. we were pretty bummed too, but we got up there too late. well, not really too too late, but we decided not to go and it bummed me out.

and steph, don't be embarrassed when i tell you this but it's a boy in a coat. it's jfk's son john john.see here.

Shiloh said...

my heart is warmed by the cross stitchery....where can one aquire such a thing....or did you make it? my bet is that you did, I know your crafty ways.

mrs. peterson said...

i did make it, shiloh, but it's pretty darn easy.

also, i'm pretty sure we have you to thank for my awesome shirt, since i'm pretty sure you're the one who showed britt who showed me how to do those freezer paper stencils.

Carrie said...

I KNEW I'd seen that silhouette somewhere before! I really really really like that shirt and I might copy it too. :)