13 June 2009

of all the things going on right now, i tell you about nate's computer?

His and hers computers.

His is big and brawny and its volume goes up loud. And it "hibernates" when he "opens" the "screen." Backwards? I think so.

Hers is small and white and pretty much just does what computers are supposed to do.

And this is the picture I show people when they tell me a mac isn't worth the extra money, that people just buy them to feel cooler.

And, well, maybe tomorrow I'll try harder to think of a way to explain all about the misty mountain tops, Grammy's quick recovery, Sherlock Holmes, the queasy feeling, dinner, Gwenyth's blondie recipe, the confusion between cross-stitch and crochet, girls camp, the dark hallway at work, Nate's housework and cooking, my luck, gratitude, how Pizza Plus Plus is so much better than Smokey Joe's, my parents teasing me with false promises of a visit, etc.


Abby said...

I'm sold on the Mac.

Sometimes it takes too much effort to think of a way to explain about all the little important things. I like your version; way better than the non-posting happening on my blog.

Carrie said...

Once you go mac you'll never go back.

1 year and nary a crash or a slowing in site on this baby.

Poor nate.

Nathan said...

poor nate

Timothy said...

poor nate. ps i like your short hair in a pony tail. . .but um i think you should grow it out summore. . um cuz you know how i feel about short hair sissy. sisisisis. i wanna macbook too. missmysis!