10 June 2009

short and ziggety

My new haircut makes me feel rather '20s.
It's not clear why, exactly.

But: I'm clearly happy for all of the newborn babies, babies growing into babies and marriages going on right now. (And Ariana's sleek wedding post card maybe got me into thinking '20s.)


Lisa R. Lewis said...

Throughly modern Melis.

I like it.

julis said...

The hair is great, kid. And I wish you would pass on to Ariana how exactly much I LOVE that picture of her and her man! and ee cummings to boot. It's almost too much to take in. But the red bike and red lips and moving grass and oh! it's a very nice.

Carrie said...

I was going to say lisa's comment too.

It looks divine on you.

Would you please try out a mohawk next, as I'd like to see if it's really true that you can cut your hair any way and rock it? Because I'm pretty sure it's true.

Rowboat said...

yes your hair is adorable. after i get married i am tempted to cut mine off and just straighten it every day. and then call myself mellie. and thanks for the comment julis. i'm glad you like the picture and poem.