11 June 2009

the view down the street where i live from a camera phone

It has been raining an absurd amount lately in this valley of mine. I, for one, love it. It has brightened up the surrounding green hills exceedingly, and it looks Fine. It reminds me of the English/Welch/Scottish countryside, minus a sheep or two hundred.

Co-incidentally I just finished A Room With A View, a lovely slim book by EM Forster which contains a heroine from the aforementioned English countryside. This, in league with the weather, has really increased my desire to dwell permanently in the aforementioned English countryside. At Windy Corner, perhaps. (Only please without the incessant social positioning, gender stifling society that frequently seemed to confuse propriety with absurd small-mindedness which seems to penetrate an otherwise delightful life during the late Georgian/Victorian/Edwardian eras in the aforementioned English countryside.)

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Carrie said...

Ok. I'm reading it for reals now. That's how I felt (about wanting to dwell in English countrysides) after reading Bleak House. I love that sort of inspiring literature.