31 May 2012

all the sun on your face and it's thrilling for you now

Up it
Hold you
 When you say these things it makes me laugh.
When little Ellee sprays you in the face and you love it because you're already soaked, it makes me laugh.

Late bloomers never turn out like the others:

I've largely forgotten about my computer's Photobooth. Which is too bad because look what I found there.

FOUR through SEVEN
I'm excited to read this book which arrived in the mail today.
Saturday is a birthday party!
I sewed a skirt for that little water-spraying girl up there. Girls are kinda fun too I guess.
I found a new running buddy.


Catherine said...

one: I don't understand your list in number one. two: calvin is a real little boy now, not a baby! wowza! three: yay for new running buddies! four: thanks for posting that agatha christie book--I'm going to go check it out from the library! Agatha Christie is kind of my heroine so I kinda have to :)

melissa said...

it's a cool book, catherine! if for some reason your library doesn't have it you can borrow mine.

julis said...

1. I can just imagine him saying those things. He's a funny bunny. 2. Your flowers look amazing! Late bloomers indeed. 3. I've already told you what I think about the fabulous surprise I found on my photobooth. Thanks again. 4.-7. Books are always fun. Happy Birthday to my favorite son-in-law. I'm glad you are sewing again. Running buddies are essential to your father's peace of mind. P.S. I'm surprised Calvin liked getting squirted. I would have thought that would dismay him. Water play in the summer is the best, though, so I'm glad he discovered it's fun!