21 May 2012

the coolest thing since zion, he said


Their way: Buy special glasses made for viewing an eclipse. 
Hold Teddy whilst viewing.

Our way: Build a device fit for winning the science fair '95.
(Of course Nate built it.)
Let the crowd gather. They will oooh and aaaah.
See you again in 2030!

In earthly news, I went to a movie (Hunger Games) with my friend/neighbor/church boss Kelli (who is behind Nate in that picture) on Friday.
The weird parts of that statement are that I have a neighbor-friend Kelli and that we went to a movie on Friday.


Stephanie said...

Oh very scientific you guys- very scientific! How'd you like the movie?

Carrie said...

Wow! I wish I had thought ahead as you two did! The tracy was steal glances and hope we didn't singe our retinas!

Carrie said...

*Tracy way.* Sorry. I'm the worst typer these days.