10 May 2012

her name is marilyn, but she goes by chris

Nate's grandma is basically the coolest lady.
Yesterday we rode our bikes over to the big wooden house across the bridge, back in the trees, to show her and Gramps our Zion photos.
They are a great audience in general, but this time she was extra enthusiastic because Zion is "her park," she said, having worked for three summers (1946-1948) as a waitress in the Lodge before it burned down.
Last weekend Nate and I looked at the old photos in the rebuilt Lodge, but we didn't know we should have been looking for her. We should have been!
She told us that she didn't remember Angel's Landing looking so treacherous and that she and her friend Janine were photographed--twice--on horseback at the mouth of the narrows for Ladies Home Journal. She said she has that photo "somewhere." Somewhere?! I need to see it NOW.


Stephanie said...

Your blog is so exciting- it always makes me want to dig into my family history! I believe that shall be a huge goal of our trip this summer where we will be seeing so much family that we can glean photos and stories from. I absolutely love this!

Carrie said...

Pretty sure my family isn't an 8th as cool as yours/nates is.

That is the greatest picture ever. You must frame it.