02 May 2012


The first time we went to my brother's house in Bountiful I noticed how immediate the mountains were. It was like here's us HERE'S THE MOUNTAIN.

People talk about my valley like it's the greenest, lushest, most mountainous part of Utah, but it's really much easier to get to the mountains all along the Wasatch front. We've got our little canyon at the edge of town, of course, but it's a little canyon.

January snow, a couple of babies and a pizza kept me off the mountain that time, but last week when we dashed down for a quick meeting with Nate (tag along with Dad day), we couldn't be kept away.
I drove up and up and around and past all of the historic houses, through the neighborhoods of homes planted long enough ago to be surrounded by mountainous foliage, and then finally emerged through the newest subdivisions of huge, gawky, conspicuous mansions.  Barf. However, when I transcended even those, I saw the temple (lovely) and across the street a parking lot and a trail. Obviously I pulled over.
Un-eager Calvin went on my back and we went up some trails. Saw some paintgun ball things. Saw the valley stretching out really far. I let him down after he said please, but he was on unsteady ground and his little nose was cold so we headed back to the car.
We got on the freeway and headed home through a real canyon to our little mini house by the mini canyon.


Stephanie said...

What a great adventure! I feel lucky to know a true transcendentalist. A kindred spirit.

melissa said...

steph, do you remember that one time you and me and becca sat on a hillside listening to matt babcock recite a long poem about tintern abbey and we were the ones sitting in the back trying to giggle quietly enough as to not disrupt the really attentive students? or maybe that was just me...but then when we went to the actual abbey we were in total awe because it really was rather awesome and gorgeous. that was a fun time.

Carrie said...

You inspire me to stop rushing around and pull over and climb the mountain sometimes.

When i move to a more nature-istic place anyway.

Britt said...

a pizza! ha.