30 May 2012

a tribute, a thought, a link, a bonus

This year I wanted to visit the cemetery of a nearby town, Providence, and find ancestral headstones to show some Memorial to.
My heritage and all.
However, when I asked my dad the names to find on the grid, he said no such ancestors exist in the cemetery of the nearby town, Providence.
That was when I was confused.
I could have sworn.
We were invited to go with the family to visit the very obviously existent headstones of the Clark and Tracy lines in Ogden in the rain.
It's a good big old place and that rain meant business, which created perfect cemetery ambiance.
Led by our fearless leader, Ralph Tracy Clark, we placed the traditional pinecones.
They were trying to say a prayer when Nate and Calvin kept running past making cartoon noises.
It was very respectful.
And speaking of previous generations and oldentimes and yore, 
yesterday Nate mentioned something about how people who lived through the Great Depression are wont to do funny things like keep pieces of string, just in case.
And then we thought it was kind of funny how during that economic crisis people changed the way they lived to adapt to what they had
in this economic crisis, people generally just live they way they want to live, whether they can afford it or not. Instead of saving string. At least to some degree.
Not a super deep thought, but a thought nonetheless.

Bonus: I ran so much this weekend that my body is like, "What have you done with all my lovely calories? FEED MEEEE." I have been eating all morning. And come to think of it, you'd think Calvin's been running, too, the way he's packing it in. Hungry.

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