03 June 2012

i just noticed i am

Inadvertantly supplying Calvin with two shirt options: stripes or different stripes.
In love with a botanical lifeform (our shady maple, aka "the air conditioner").
Eating more fruit.
Getting used to feeling sticky (but is it from heat or grubby hands???)
Brown around the edges.
Less terrible at making Nate's birthday cakes. ("HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATE!," right, everyone?)
Reaching that unfathomable point where I can't wait to get up earlier and earlier for jogging purposes.

summer is starting.


julis said...

Did you make that cake??? Did you save me a piece? Better put it in the freezer, because I go to Louisville on Friday. At 5:40 a.m. In the morning. Before the sun comes up. Boy, I could use a piece of that cake.

melissa said...

i saved it for one day. sorry, now it's gone. i'll do one for you next time.

Carrie said...

What the!? The CAKE! Holy majoly.

Re: stripes, I found out at the end of kindergarten that Benson's nickname was Stripes. Because all he wore were stripes and more stripes. hahahahaha Sorry buddy!

I would so run with you! I'm upping my distances lately so I can keep up with you!