21 June 2012

secret move of unmotivation

It's hard to commit to a location for a garden plot
dig it up,
refill it with dirt,
or maybe build raised beds,
or at least make that decision,
plant water weed fertilize mulch debug harvest

When we could live off of what we get in boxes and bags from the neighbor's garden.
His name is Shane but I still think of it as Roberta's garden.

And to mention my family--
PS Yesterday was the longest day of the year so Calvin woke up at 5:30 just to prove it. That was pretty funny.
PPS Sometimes I try to get Nate's attention when he's doing something solitary like reading, but opera singing and tap dancing don't always do the trick. One cookie in my mouth, though, and eyes are on me.


Nate said...
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Nate said...

opera singing and tap dancing have become so commonplace, i guess i have stopped noticing them after so many years of marriage. sorry dear, i will try to notice those things i fell in love with so long ago. ;)

julis said...

It's hard to sneak a cookie, especially if it's a warm cookie or the last cookie. Am I right? And let's not kid ourselves, Nate: her cookie making skills are definitely on the list of "things [you] fell in love with." She's a good cookie-maker.