13 June 2012

sew oct 79

I used my mom's old brown sewing machine for a while when I lived at home after BYU, but it was mightily unpredictable and when she took it to get fixed, they told her it would be cheaper to just get a new one. So she did. And I stole it and put stickers all over it.
I'm always doing rude things like that! Sorry mom.
I made little paper-bag skirts for my neighbor's daughters on Saturday because I told her it would be super easy. And it was, but then when I gave them to her I was embarrassed because I really don't produce very high quality garments.
I'm always doing dumb things like that too.

But my mom's sure pretty!


Stephanie said...

I love this picture! What a babe!

I too am frequently shy when handing over things I have made because I don't always do everything the proper way and it shows. Maybe I just have no patience.

Judging from the apron you sent me way back when though- I'd say you're top notch my friend!

julis said...

Inside, I still look like that. Except I have long gorgeous hair.

Catherine said...

you do SEW make top quality garments! (ah, I have been Jesse's wife too long....or not long enough!) have you seen the things you wear?! (I'm guessing you have) well, they are awesome.