09 July 2012


I do not usually get hung up on the unfairness of life. (Pointless, defeating, sad.)
But Honestly.
Hawaii is much too far for a Stephanie. We NEED to get into each other's houses and give some moral support.
I need some more of Diana's loveliness around me, hoping it will rub off.
Becca needs to be around to remind me how right it is to be smart and funny.
I need Bitty's wit and charm nearby, proving so obviously that being yourself is the only way.
I promise to stop at Abby's house if I drive past it again even if I'm late for a play; once a year is no longer enough of that big smile and calm, thoughtful attitude.
And Ashley. Oh, Ashley, what a good sport for letting us invade your house and pretending like you don't even care. (You really are a part of this you know.)

And now for you, NEW MEXICO: You foiled us again this time, but next time (2014, mark your calendar, Carrie) you will fail. Carrie belongs here too.
(Libby, Star, everyone else, we wished you were here too. It's really a delightsome chaos.)

Babies and kids and husbands all indulging us.
Thomas and Nate dressing alike 
(They are probably long lost friends--why don't we get them together more?)



B said...

I know I had so much fun. I so often put my foot in my mouth or say things that I don't really intend to sound the way they do. Lat night was no exception, however, I take comfort that this particular group likes me the way I am and will overlook my silly comments. We see each other so rarely that I can start to forget how extraordinary and different this group is. Genuine, admirable, talented women; I feel so lucky to be included.

Thank you all for putting this together and thank you Ashley for hosting.

melissa said...

ha! bitty, i feel the same way. i always misrepresent myself with some kind of nonsense i say! but in this group i feel like it's overlooked. thanks guys.

star said...

I can only imagine how much fun it would be to with all you ladies. Someday, someday... maybe when my parents retire and move to UT.

Stephanie said...

AT LAST! I am home, in front of a computer, and I can properly comment!!! I can't even remember all I tried to comment before and that makes me sad, but I will say that I dearly love you, your family, that you drove to see me and made time for me (all of us, but I'm being self-centered here!), and I am so sad that it might be another two whole years before this happens again.... but hey, something to look forward to and I LOVE THAT!