29 July 2012

i can't decide whether this is too boring to post or not--

My mom was like, "Let me buy you a nice dress for your birthday! The sky's the limit!"
And after I was too picky to find one in the entire universe, she bought me some fabric and a pattern and I made these.
Probably a bit of a letdown for her.
Is one of the consequences of wearing exposed zippers being more hardcore?
One certain consequence is that you can't finish the waistband properly according to the pattern's instructions, but other than that I followed all of the rules, which is newsworthy. I even made alterations when I saw that I had made errors. Twenty-eight year olds are probably mature enough to do stuff like that.


Stephanie said...

Amen Betty is right! Wait, what? :)

Hey welcome to almost being 28- I don't think I have sewn a thing since I have turned 28 and that's a crying shame, because if it makes you a more patient sewer than I a have been missing out! DID I MENTION THAT I AM INSANELY IMPRESSED WITH YOU, THOSE ADORABLE PANTS, YOUR SEWING SKILLS...etc!!!!?!?!?!?!

Way to go friend. Way to go. LOVE YOU!

melissa said...

steph, do not be impressed.

Carrie said...

What the pants! Totally amazing.

And I like that shirt too. A very flattering shape, I say.