03 July 2012

more than we bargained for

Cherry Picking for Family Night at the Clarks' Cherry Tree
 First you get the cherries and you pick them.
 Then you get the 65-year-old gadget for the stoning of cherries.
And you follow the instructions very carefully,
beginning with 
Fix the stoning machine  to the table the usual way!
and ending somewhere around
Wash the machine out  in warm water by moving the ram several times if there failures trouble the operation!

Wait, come again? Perhaps I skipped that step.
Freezer jam, check.
Clafouti you're on deck, maybe cherry pie in the hole.
Giving bags and bags away is also in the works. 
Come get some if you want them.

1 comment:

julis said...

I don't think I'll see you soon enough, but I'd take some. Dried cherries sounds good, too.

How many bags did you pluck?