13 July 2012

not pictured: sleeping (or anything else)

I was afraid that our two days adventuring south of where the red fern grows had messed up Calvin's wonderful 11.5 hour sleeping pattern.* I feared it had gone the way of bottles, burp rags and onsies. I needn't have worried. He and I have both slept hard this week. Falling asleep quickly, waking after 7:00. What a dream. What a dream, get it.

Nate P has decided to walk to his own drummer, on the other hand, and has been at work before 6:30 twice this week. Or was it three? And again tomorrow? And he has to do some work on Saturday? This is universally uncool, right? It will never do.

*I just feel the need to mention, for the sake of people who are baby-induced sleep deprived, that this solid blessing happened like magic one day last August when Calvin was almost 11 months old. Which is to say pretty much as soon as I stopped breastfeeding him. Which makes me think that my almost-year of waking up thrice a night to feed him was the price I had to pay to breastfeed and I'm ok with that.

Was there a point to this?
1. I love sleeping, I love sleeping, I love sleeping.
2. Nate's work is sometimes crazy, and he's such a good sport about it.
3. I can't take pictures of Calvin sleeping because he'll wake up but I think he becomes part angel.
4. Tomorrow is Gramps & Grammy's yard sale and we're putting out the vintage clothes! And when I say vintage I don't mean from 1992. Maybe at some point I'll have to show you the "documentation" photos we've been modeling for all week to remember what they have. If the cool things don't sell at the yard sale, I'm going to sell them online so you can tell your friends and help me ok?


Catherine said...

I am selfish and hope the lovely vintage items don't sell so you will have to sell them online and I will have a chance at them!

Stephanie said...

I am just confused why you are not keeping all of them and wearing the heck out of them. Heck is a stupid word, but you get the point right?! I love how this post is written by the way and I got your glorious coaster postcard by the way and I love it.

melissa said...

catherine, you can come to the sale; it's not so far! also you can have first dibs online if you want.

stph, i have a ridiculous conflict: i love the stuff but i don't want to accumulate any stuff. also it's not all my size. but there are some floral wool pencil pants that i think will sneak home with me...