10 July 2012

a problem like maria

This is what my mom looked like when she played Maria in The Sound of Music.
This is what I looked like when I saw The Sound of Music on Saturday.
There is no curtain at the Hale Center Theater, but if there were, I would have cried the moment it went up, and then about twice a song until intermission. And then of course again at the end.
Why why why?
What a weeping willow.

I Like
Going to plays -
Going to plays with Nate -
That Nate likes going to plays.
It helps balance out the tree climbing and such.


julis said...

Weeping Willow. Wonder where you got that? At least I know a good name for my granddaughter, whenever she decides to show up. Willow is a nice name.

Nate said...

i never saw such a pretty weeping willow

B said...

I can relate and I agree with Nate.