23 July 2012

the legendary rope swing

Once upon a time 
just over some hills
and in another state
and yet
not too far away from where I am sitting on my couch,
There was a lake called Bloomington
where a stately glacier usually remained
even in July and August and September.
A giant rope swing also resided there, and it insisted on being a surprisingly popular local tourist destination.
But one year (this year) the snow didn't reach the lake and the glacier was gone
and the water was 
warmish less frigid and very inviting
("Some people" does not refer to Nate P. He went thrice or four.)
But some people were still afraid to go on the rope swing.
Or jump off the cliffs.
Because they maybe are terrified of the feeling of falling.
But they still love swimming and jumping in the lake from very short distances and getting freaked out by how far down into the deep lake one can see.
And so, one day not too far in the past,
despite the puritanical signage,
we had fun for the whole family, including Grandma and Grandpa.
Also despite the barehanded throwup catching I did in the car on the
road to the lake.

So...baby Dramamine? Does that exist?


Carrie said...

baby dramamine and dog dramamine too. turns out my little one (the dog) gets sick on bumpy roads too! who knew?

melissa said...

I'm sorry you know about that.