19 July 2012

womens fashions come and go but pants are here to stay

I got my first birthday present today!
Nate teased my research.
Or as he would say, "research."
Have you ever seen a 1 year old make brownies aka grownies?
We made some friends tonight, but we'll probably never see them again despite their inordinate similarities to us including:
Living in Rapid City
Working in an insurance office
Having an almost-two-year-old
Being an HR manager
Liking cookies (What are the odds!)
The Forest Service
Owning a homemade game of Koob 
Playing Koob


Stephanie said...

You made friends! Why does this make me jealous and happy for you at the same time? Let's examine the jealous part.... if you make these aforementioned friends does this mean you have less room in your life for your other friends? No? OK, then I am just happy. OH! I know why: they get to hang-out with you and I don't. Yep, that's it right there. Sigh.... look at the boy with the cheeks use those baby hands so skillfully.

B said...

Those pants look delightful and cool that you made friends and grownies.