08 August 2012

check out what people are saying

"He looks a lot like Nate in that picture, don't you think?"
"Oh mainland baby child you are so tasty just like your mom."
"I can't believe how much he talks."
"He was ok once we brought out the marshmallows."
"He's screaming like a cuckoo."
"Baby's hungry, too!"
"Do you think he hit the terrible twos early?" [phwap] "Ouch!"
"He has seriously grown so much all of a sudden!"
"Atta boy, indeed."


julis said...

I'm okay once they bring out the marshmallows, too.

B said...

Do you have marshmallows? I was just looking for some in my cupboard right before reading this post. Man I wish we were neighbors, I would borrow some. Instead I am neighbors with Walmart and they have loads of things but they aren't real neighborly about it; I would prefer you.

Stephanie said...

I said one of those things!!!!

melissa said...

bitty, we do have a few marshmallows. they're a little stale and stuck together, but they work in a pinch. should i mail them down?