02 August 2012

don't put up a fight cuz you know i'm always older

I had a cake in a size XL.
Thank you, Sheena; birthday cake wouldn't exist around here without you.

Nate told me Happy Birthday 28 times.

Dear Nate,
 We had so much fun together when we were the same age. 
But now I'm older again so the fun ends. 


Stephanie said...

Did I make the embarrassing mistake of thinking your birthday was AUg 2nd last year as well? This feels all too familiar. I think I might have! Why?! Anyway, I'll just pretend I wanted to be last but not least or something like that! SO my plan worked- yesssssss! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the dearest, lovliest, craftiest, bestest friends I have ever had, have, will ever have and that's the truth. LOVE YOU!

melissa said...

come to think of it, i think you did do it last year too! it's a charming tradition. keep it up.

Veronica said...

Happy late birthday! That cake looks delicious.

julis said...

are there blueberries AND chocolate chips?

melissa said...

you mean WERE there blueberries and chocolate chips. yes.

Abby said...

So it was unforgettable after all!? Looks DELICIOUS!

B said...

Happy Birthday. Does anyone else get the same song in their head every time the even say the word birthday. No not that one. this one "on year older and wiser too.. Happy birthday to you

Carrie said...

Errrr hey you! You have a blog! Which I know but then my kids keep using the computer and your bloggy leaves my favorites page and then I go 3 days without checking and then you post awesome things like homemade pants and amazing birthday cakes!

Happy birthday way super late! Oh friends born on the 1st of the month are so very very tricky! I need a week to realize what month it is and orient myself properly for birthdays. But I hope it was happy!

Oh my gosh most amazing thing ever: my word verification is erheyou. I kid you not. That's just creepy like Coraline.