19 August 2012

i used to think i was not like them but i'm beginning to have my doubts my doubts about it

I used to stink at running but also be really good at running. 
Bad at jogging, good at dashing 100 to 200 meters (well, actually more like 175 meters...).

A little later in life I jogged a little bit at the Smith Fieldhouse for "health," but mostly to combat Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers, and I thought 20 minutes was Olympic.

A little later on I got the hang of a treadmill, and started to creep toward 3 miles, with the help of Hot Hot Heat and Ok Go of course. 

And even later, but still a while ago, I began running outside and had a little click. Instead of stopping altogether when I got tired (aka bored), I'd walk for a minute and then run again. Hot dog, this got me going.

And then one day I was running Ragnar races and enjoying 5-mile runs regularly. I figured this was my jogging lifestyle and I'd carry on with it for a few more decades until osteoporosis prevented it.

But then we had this mild winter, my baby didn't need to be breastfed or constantly fussed over, and I kept running higher up the canyon. There is a campground up there, with a gate that's locked all winter, and it just taunted me and my quads, which itched to climb to it. I made six miles a regular thing, then seven. I felt like a champion after seven. Then eight, nine, and one day right before the National Forest road reopened, just under 10. 
 It blew my mind, too. 

On an average morning I see 20 or so joggers up our little canyon. They've all already run the half marathon I'm running on Saturday. I kind of used to make fun of them--needing a race for motivation, "training," ha ha 
I don't really know what I was mocking, but this I know:
I really really like running, especially on the road pictured above.

Maybe next I'll dedicate a post to my shoes
because everyone knows runners looooove to talk about running and stuff like that.


Anne Left. Lisa Right said...

you are A+ amazing. I've only ever run three miles, which made me feel awesome :)

Good luck on your race. So very fun!


B said...

I sometimes wish I wanted to run. Sometimes I think running is super silly. But I always admire you for doing it. I will try some ok go as motivation

Echo said...

YAY! I hate running....but I love running, or at least the way I feel after I accomplish my three miles. Yes, three miles..that's it for now. Maybe sometime I will live somewhere cooler. Maybe somewhere I feel safe enough to run further than the 1 mile road that runs by our house...that I loop over and over and over again because I too scared to run anywhere else. Yes, maybe some day I can be like you! You are amazing! Keep it up!