26 August 2012

two or three things -or- kitties and a half marathon

 Fake kitty smile is the smile you smile when a stray cat puts her litter in your gutter and you have to figure out what to do with the kitties.
 Extra energy boost is the boost you get when an almost two-year-old is sitting on his dad's shoulders right at mile 9 when you really want to slooooooow dooooooooown (don't worry, not stop) since you've just run 9 miles much faster than usual in order to keep up with your friends.
 The end is the part you think will never come, but it does come before you know it, just like your mom said it would.
Friends, you run faster than me and it was fun to keep up. Awesome 13.1 miles.

Until next time.

ps Here was the winner. He looks like the cartoon perfect-form runner on my running shoes box. After I saw this picture I stupidly stopped feeling awesome about my performance for a minute.


julis said...

Oh I was hoping there would be pictures! You were ahead of people! And running hard at the end! Great jorb!

Britt said...

who holds kittens like that?

melissa said...

thanks mom! i was shocked too; there were like 2000 people behind me!

britt: mama lions, for one.

Abby said...

WOOT WOOT! Way to go! Are you really going to do it again in October?

That is awesome...I wish I could join you.

What does Calvy think of the kittens?

B said...

Way to go. That is so cool. You really make me want to be a little more interesting and goal oriented.

sheena said...

I want a kitten.

she said a month too late.