14 August 2012

you know why there are so many songs about riding bikes?

Because it's incredibly fun, that's why.
Especially at sunset with your best pal/eternal companion.
Just don't stop to gaze at the lake; the mosquitoes will not understand, they will prey on your bare ankles and knucks.
Just snap a shot as you ride by at top speed, that's the idea.

Which reminds me,
there should be more songs about kitchens that take up 85% of the interior space
Gnomes with axes
Early morning runs with your sleepy brother during which you see no moose
Walking up stairs with part of your family
Going to church where you used to go to church when you were 7.


B said...

First, I don't know any of those bike songs. You are obviously more active than me.

Second, is that your chapel or some crazy cool building next to where you meet?

melissa said...

the chapel is just normal sized so there's this overflow a-frame building where all the vacationing mormons come to sacrament meeting (watching the goings on from the real chapel on a screen!). it was like that when we lived there too!

B said...

that is pretty awesome.