07 September 2012

bang bumpety bump

You know it was a good night when you go to bed with throbbing, bruised knees.
Volleyball, it's been too long, old friend.
Did you know I liked a team sport? A lot?

You know it's a good night when Calvin renames a bakery "The Brownie Store."
How uncharacteristic of us to go out for dessert,
and how awesome. I ate gingerbread shaped as an acorn! 

You know what a Kneaders looks like, right? And an acorn?
And a volleyball?
And a gym full of moms in t-shirts and yoga capris?
So, no pictures then.


Catherine said...

as soon as you said you ate gingerbread in the shape of an acorn I knew you had gone to kneaders! hah. also, calvin is cute and clever. also, an unrelated (and belated) thank you for going running with me last week!

Britt said...

i just started volleyball last week, too! can't compare to that one odd guy's net that he'd put up in the church parking lot and we'd all flock too, but man it was good