18 September 2012

the wrong trousers or actually the right trousers

One pair of trousers made of linen decades ago. No one knows how many decades, but it could be up to 8 decades ago. Those are some old trousers.
One pair of trousers made of stretch poplin up to 8 weeks ago.
Who's wearing the pants now?
For some reason the cooler weather has made me totally pumped to wear pants all the time.
It's the simple joys, I guess, like wearing pants, that make life grand and sentences like this one full of commas.


B said...

I love your last sentence. I feel like commas are the most consistent thing about my blog.

I want to hear more about those first trousers. Where did they come from? What are you doing with them? They are pretty awesome.

Bridget said...

those baggy ones are pretty damn cool.