28 September 2012

trillium and ivy

Am I the only one who noticed I practically quoted an entire Decemberists song in my titles in September?
We have a heavy, giant mirror that has nowhere to live since the rearrangement that happened because of our favorite acquisition:
It's kind of irrational to have a church pew in your living room, but it's surprisingly awesome too.


Catherine said...

It's the best pew ever! I'm sorry it displaced your mirror but I'm happy it's in your livingroom!

Stephanie said...

I told Thomas about your church pew when I saw it on Instagram even though he probably had already seen it on Instagram too... but I am amazed by it! I want one too!

B said...

Oh my word we considered buying a church pew at a consignment/antique/junk store but our place is too small. I am so jealous!

Earnestine Kettering said...

Sorry that the mirror had to go, but a church pew would be a good addition to a living room. It is true that some people might think it irrational, but church pews are not just for churches. They can also look beautiful in other places – like your living room! Anyway, I like the color of the church pew you got. The red of the cedar would look great with the green carpet in your living room. The color combination would certainly create a fun and lively atmosphere in there!