20 September 2012

watch it as it arcs toward the sun

Just another beautiful autumn morning:
cold toes
herbal tea
starting way later than summer mornings, 
and by turning off my alarm for running in the pre-dawn without getting up
until you'll never guess who
talked me into a stroller jog
(it was someone who's almost two).

We went to the west side, which inexplicably has a reputation for being the old, derelict side of town. In fact, however, it is the old, tidy, sweet side of town (if not sweet-smelling--DAIRIES). I was having a nice time reminiscing about my jogs on that side of town, along the shady creek path, when a sprightly light haired pup followed us really annoyingly for like two miles irrespective of my clear instructions to GO HOME stupid DOG.
But I just barely nearly forgot my irritation when I turned around and caught my two-year-old leaning against the stove with one leg way back, "Stretching like mom."

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