09 October 2012

capitol R

My reason for running has always been to ensure myself some time outside.
Running through a forest--running for thirteen miles through a gorgeous autumnal forest, and even hurting in a forest is also healing in a forest if you are Romantic with a capital R, which I guess I must be. Or at least I became after the first six miles when the sun came out.

But still, it was so hard. I've run long runs, I've run on trails, I've run in the cold, but I was not ready to do all three on Saturday. However, since I did, I feel pretty awesome. That's the great trick of trail running I guess. Trickery! And running through the forest.


Abby said...

Keep on keeping on! Running relates to life in so many ways. You're a strong woman, lissa. Way to go.

B said...

I think you are so cool.

Britt said...

You seem to be in an official race in these photos. You also seem very alone. I assume you were winning by a long shot.